Leveraged and sponsored voice of the passenger

We work with high profile Travel & Hospitality organizations in cruise, hotel, airlines and destination providers, we focus on their product and brand. Clients get lower cost engagement when Corporate Sponsors help pay and Corporate Sponsors get more eyeballs on their brand. Our postcards and media contain embedded links to brochures, offers, videos, discounts and AR to enhance the message and story and support the brand. Bespoke messages in the client's own handwriting from their smartphone make messages warm and engaging. Clients create postcards manually on KardZee iOS App from the App Store.
Travel is not an automated platform.

Top Reasons to use KardZee for client leverage

First, We are unique. We help your clients reach out to their friends, family and colleagues with personalized Travel & Hospitality postcards and media. This is their voice to their circle of influence. Focused and targeted.

2. It's fully automated and we do the work for you. Here are four more:

2. Used a friends recommendation to travel
3. Companies that manage referrals
4. Best Agents rely on referrals
5. ROI across industries

What We Do

We provide passengers, guests and customers in the Travel & Hospitality industry with free postcards from our mobile App. They create sponsored postcards where providers and vendors pay for the postage. We embed those cards with rewards and offers, gifts and vouchers. We also obtain metrics concerning 'voice of the passenger' protocols. Cards are only paid for when sent. Clients get a great tool to send friends, family and colleagues special outreach while organizations get targeted leveraged marketing.