"This Porsche Conquest campaign has been very good. Within days we have 5 test drives and a sale so far. They all love the car. The best results from any conquest campaign we have run.”

Why I love KardZee . . . . But the most important reason why I love KardZee is they took the time to get to know me so that whatever they do create, has my personality and my style associated with it. Can’t say enough about KardZee. Check ‘em out.

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"Keverne offers a personal touch and unbelievable individualized customer service with a must-use product. Personalization, creativity and customization combine to make a unique way to engage your client base without being spammy or canned. I highly recommend Keverne and KardZee.

James Nielsen

CEO - Vendition

We love the KardZee Campaigns. This is a relationship business. We like to have close relationships with our Apprentice Alumni and also our Corporate Clients and KardZee allows us to add that extra element of human touch to our relationships.

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“I do appreciate your time and help these last couple of months. Seriously, I feel my social media prowess / kung fu has improved so much with your help.” Lewis Kallinsky, Corcoran Global Living

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"You are amazing, thank you so much for all that you’re doing to make my social media package (i.e. presence) look great as well as the cards. We are super excited about our re-branding.


First American Mortgage

"You walk away from your meeting and in the driveway of the house you pull out your KardZee App and send the client a Thank-You letter thru the KardZee App.”

"My partnership with KardZee has been and continues to be a wonderful experience. They've been a partner throughout the process. The cards look amazing and I've received wonderful feedback on the included videos... and my open rate has been over 70%.

"I use KardZee as a great Thank You for Sales and also for keeping in touch with referrals. I am always busy. My clients and I love the quality and how I can personalize cards plus it saves me so much time. KardZee gives me the opportunity to do the right outreach".

KardZee is really helping with my Social Sites and posts and they stand out. It is making a real difference and my following has increased with it. I am being noticed around town.

"KardZee is a great opportunity for Customer Success Teams to deepen customer relationships, increase customer retention rate and increase NPS. Retaining customers and having them stay engaged is a challenge. KardZee is the personal touch that companies need to stay ahead."

Capt. Steve

Bay Light Charters

"We have been very happy with KardZee managing our Social Sites and building our outreach. It is a difficult time right now but we realized we needed to be very focused and get our message out there. KardZee is doing that for us.