Luxury Tangible Interactive Cards get through!

Tangible Postcards - BiFold and TriFolds Cards

We create, print and mail for you are Stage-1/3 of our Multichannel outreach.

High quality real printed and posted interactive Cards that get through to the client. We can add links to Videos that play from the card on your smartphone, brochures and product information, RSVP and share links. Real cards get through to the target more than 90% of the time. With billions of emails clogging up In-Boxes and fewer than 3% to 4% ever being opened, there is still plenty of room in your client's real mailbox. We set the stage for Tangible cards with highly personalized outreach. We include the client's personal name and details included in handwritten messages - addressed only to them. We make every outreach seem private and personal.

KardZee's are High-Quality Media, sent in clear Bio-friendly Eco-plastic envelopes that protect the card and create a full luxury feel and touch. Our Tangible cards are available as 5 x 7 Postcards - 5 x 7 BiFold cards and 5 x 7 x 4 Trifold Cards and priced from as little as $2 per card per client - including domestic postage.

Our cards are embedded with in-house or external Gift Cards, Video Messages and links to brochures and products.

Our tangible cards are sent in high quality Eco-friendly biodegradable envelopes.

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