Luxury Tangible Interactive Cards get through!

Tangible Postcards - BiFold and TriFolds Cards

Tangible interactive cards are part of our Multichannel outreach.
All cards are backed up with an Email copy and images for Social Upload.

With everyone working from home these days, reach your clients where they are - at home. Real cards get thru 90% of the time. But people want more personalized and tech-driven mail that stands out. Billions of emails are clogging up in-boxes with fewer than 3% to 4% ever being opened. Meanwhile, people are home and mailboxes sit empty. We make every outreach seem private and personal.

KardZees are High-Quality Media, sent in clear eco-friendly clear envelopes that protect the card and create a full luxury feel and touch. Mailed, high quality, tangible, interactive cards that get through to the client using technology, textures and more on our 135 lb silk matte card stock;

embedded videos play on your smartphone from the card;

links to brochures and product information;

RSVP and share links;

your marketing material becomes ALIVE in your clients’ hands;

mirrored digital version sent to your clients as an email follow-up;

card message and CTA replicated on social media all timed accordingly.

Let us do the creation, design, addressing, mailing and management for you as YOU watch the results roll in.

Change to a winning outreach NOW