We strategize and upgrade your Social sites to share and leverage your story, brand and products with your clients.

When KardZee does your Social Strategy, we use the power of your leveraged relationship with your SOI. Your SOI [Sphere of Influence] are your contacts on ALL your Social channels. The theory is that if you know 250 people in your circle . . . you can leverage that outreach to more than 60,000 people you do not know, but who your clients know and shared your story with them.

We do it in your voice, meaning the way you speak and write, so it sounds like you. Your Social Strategy is more effective when it’s paired with our NURTURE Programs as we already have the graphics, text and branding for you and easily create content to mirror your NURTURE Campaigns. Google yourself, would you do business with you?

2020 is the year of Personalization and Storytelling and Post COVID-19, it will be more important now than ever.

Key Features
  • We do everything for you
  • We are expert at Social outreach
  • We get you seen, heard & remembered
  • You, your brand, your product are shared
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How we build your Social image across sites

Free consultation

We start with a FREE consultation and a dive into your Social sites.

Concept creation

We look at you, your brand and focus and create specific outreaches to bring all your outreach together.

Content Development

We cross-pollinate your Social images, messages and content. Our content is specific to you and not generic.

Publish & Manage

We publish and manage keeping you up to date and in front of your audience..