More than 190 Agents and Businesses signed up for our 2021 Database Kickstart program last month.

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By now you have probably heard how we can generate more referral revenue and more sales for you by re-energizing your database and SOI. If you want more sales and revenue from referrals in 2021, our Kickstart is for you . . .

We went from one client to over 1,000 in 3 years by staying in touch with our SOI and growing database. We kept our contacts up-to-date and used the right CTA to get them to refer. It worked. Now we have done it for hundreds of Agents and businesses and we can do it for you. Your database is your most valuable asset. But most Agents say they do not have enough time or interest to do it. Others identify that they don't know where to start or how to do it.

Now, you do not have to worry because we do it all for you. But, you need to act NOW. We are a small boutique agency (by design) and have limited numbers available so do not miss out.. . .

You need to start now - See Below.

What you get in this Database Kickstart Campaign

We clean your Database - we Verify your Contact Emails - we Create a meaningful Hholiday campaign with Holiday messages and images - we send that Campaign at least twice to EVERY CLIENT on your Database - we Create Social Posts across your social networks - we Curate client responses - and Identify your Warm Audience - we Send you back verified and engaged warm client list.

"No one does what we do to get your Database curated, verified and working for you 24/7"

Keverne Denahan, KardZee CEO

Why you need to do this NOW?

Because you want to drive more revenue from referrals and sales.

And this is the best value for money you will spend to do it.

Your database wants and needs to hear from you.

And, you need to reach out to stay in front of mind.

But, if you are like most Agents you do not have the time and your database is not ready for outreach.

Curating your database saves you time and money.

It focuses on clients who are warm to you and who will refer.

Prioritize your outreach - the rest are still there but you don't need to spend money on them.

It will give you the kickstart you need post COVID-19 and for 2021.

All you have to do is to Start Below.

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Total $357.00
Set up and Send
Two payments of $178.00
  • Clean and Verify
  • Curate
  • Referral Campaign
  • Curated Verified List
  • 2+ Client Holiday outreaches
  • Matching Social post + CTA