Rewards, Incentives & Loyalty

Use KardZee for real printed and posted Rewards and Incentives for employees and clients.

Tangible rewards matter

It's great to be appreciated and rewarded for your work and loyalty. KardZee provides great Cards, Gifts and Gift Cards all created from our engagement platform. Sending Tangible cards increases perceived value and worth. Don't send a digital Thank You - Send a KardZee . . .

Real tangible cards and gifts printed onto your KardZees

Rewards and Incentives mean a lot to the recipient - or they should. Sending e-cards and digital messages are okay but a reward is special and they should be made special with real tangible KaredZees. And, you can add a Gift Card to any KardZee for that special gift.

Create warm messages in the sender's own handwriting

KardZee provides a warm and engaging platform for corporations to foster good relationships with employees and clients. KardZee's tangible cards and real handwriting increases pervceived value and worth and makes the reward special.