6 Top Reasons for Brokers & Agents to use KardZee

First, We are unique. We save time and money and do the work for you to capture listings and engage your clients.

2. We are the lowest success cost to ratio of any lead generator and client engagement platform. Here are four more:

2. Prospect capture rates from engagement
3. Closest competitor capture rate
4. Cheaper cost of acquisition
5. ROI across campaigns

Real Estate Local Hero Programs.

We know a SECRET that will drive listings and sales to your pipeline now and after Covid-19 by re-establishing the connection and communication with your clients and their SOI.

Internet activity has risen by 82% during the current pandemic. When it recedes there will be a global digital outreach searching for lost business. You will have to compete with millions of businesses all trying to get seen and heard. You need to act now to avoid that. We help get you in front of your client and their SOI. We know a secret to help you do that

You need to show your clients that you are empathetic and you care for them. They need to see and hear from you.

You will be seen and heard & when it matters and you will be remembered. You need to do this Campaign NOW before clients are overwhelmed by every other Agent and global business trying to sell to them . . .

There is a psychological effect caused from crisis and pandemics. It will show you how to be the Hero to your clients and their SOI. It helps you get new ones and keep the ones you have. Our Campaigns make that happen.

New Client Prospecting.

Multichannel outreach for new client acquisition.

KardZee has a full suite of Client Prospecting tools including a DIY suite or we can do the whole process for you. We include EDDM direct mail, email, phone and text outreach.

Find out more about Prospecting Here

Nurturing works.

We do it for you. Ask us how?

Nurturing your SOI can provide up to 80% of your future business.

Stop paying for listings that you still have to fight for! Personalized but automated engagement across channels. Clients and prospects want and expect more. We drive client engagement and nurturing. Your clients, SOI and database need more. We help you give it to them. Use it or you will lose it.

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Interested in Expired Listings?

You should be. We guarantee it. Ask us how?

40% of ALL Listings expire. We help you capture them.

While other Agents continue with the same old time consuming practices, we free your time up by managing these campaigns for you in protected Zip locations. Our unique campaigns get you that face-to-face and we avoid the growing problems with texting, unwanted emails and phone calls. Secure a Zip area now.

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Save on MLS Expired Listing Data

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How we manage your KICKSTART Campaign

if you have never engaged clients before you must do it now or lose them to a competitor

Free Onboarding

Make a further saving on top of the 30% off Campaign prices with FREE Onboarding - usually $250.

Campaign Creation

We look at you, your brand and focus and create specific campaigns to leverage your clients and their SOI.

Content Development

We create the Campaign - Card - Email - Social Post and identify the audience for across channel outreach.

Agent Dashboard

[ no training required - just a quick glance at Campaign and result dashboard ]

Start your KICKSTART now with a FREE 15 Minute Consultation