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KardZee is a revenue driver for Realtors

64% of all real estate sales still come from a referral. And, up to 80% of your own future sales can come from your existing clients. Fostering and nurturing engagement with existing clients is VITAL. Using KardZee strategic engagement campaigns will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars AND drive revenue by generating ROI up to x14 times.

"This is a product I can see every single Agent in the country using"

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We save Realtors hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars yearly.

Our automated strategic tangible and digital campaigns will liberate hundreds of hours of your valuable time so you can grow your business and #Sellmorehouses.

We help Realtors and Brokers generate more sales from referrals while saving them time and money with our strategic tangible and digital outreach campaigns. What can take Realtors literally hundreds of hours a year to engage by sending cards, gifts, SMS and email campaigns, find content and create sentiments is reduced to just a couple of hours a month. Engagement with existing clients is vital to future success but it takes time and time is money. We the reduce time and effort to help you increase revenue with our automated programs. We give you back the time to find new clients and make more sales.