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Did you know since the global pandemic started that there is an extra BILLION hours of streaming happening??!! Clients are disappearing left and right. Things are changing daily. You need more Prospects RIGHT NOW.

KardZee creates and manages highly targeted Lead Gen Campaigns to get your name in front of the right audience with hi-quality direct mail that has embedded technology. Combine that with our other Programs that we do for you or can teach you, and your business will evolve with the times making YOU the Super Hero in your business. We tailor our campaigns specifically to match your needs.

KardZee Prospecting Tools:

  • * Multichannel outreach;
  • * Neighborhood/Zip Canvassing;
  • * Demographic Driven;
  • * EDDM Distribution - See More Below;
  • * Online audit of your digital footprint;
  • * Social media campaign that mirrors your outreach;
  • * We produce create and design campaigns, messages and outreach;
  • * Optional Management of your Social Presence;
  • * Video Scripting, support and more;
  • * Tracking, monitoring, and reporting:
  • * KardZee Dashboard and DIY Tools;
  • * Used by Auto Industry - Real Estate.

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