Nurturing your clients for retention and referrals can provide up to 80% of all your future revenue


Client engagement is vital to your business success. Engaging existing clients at value nurtures them and promotes retention buying and referrals because it keeps you in front of their mind. Engagement at value means outreach that provides empathy, sympathy, fun and information - not just always about sales. We promote engagement at value with our Multichannel mix of tangible - digital and social contact.

The bottom line from a Harvard Business School Study: increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

Ask us How?

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Nurturing your SOI helps retain your clients and is vital to your success

Nurturing your SOI [Sphere of Influence] is not only about engaging your previous clients to get them to buy again. It's about getting those clients and includes people you know to tell others about you and your business - that is Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). Everyone knows at least 250 friends, family and previous clients plus people in your local area. Reaching out to those 250 will trickle down to more than 62,000 people that they know who you do not. This is the power of leveraged relationship marketing. We help you get to them with focused SOI campaigns and engagement with CTA that creates engagement and referrals.

Top Reasons to use KardZee for personalized client nurturing.

1. Our personalized outreach drives engagement and nurturing bringing back clients to a repeat buying stage and providing ongoing referrals. Clients need to be nurtured - we do it for you.

2. Our programs are automated to make everything simpler and easier. We do it for you. Here are four more:

3. Reach & Open Rate
4. Higher then Email alone
5. Clients will refer when asked
6. ROI and more