Your primary job in Real Estate is to get Listings

Ours is to help you and we do it at a fraction of the cost.

Top Reasons to use KardZee for Brokers & Agents

First, We are unique. We save time and money and do the grunt work to convert expired listings and engage your clients.

2. We are the lowest success cost to ratio of any lead generator. Here are four more:

2. Prospect capture rates from engagement
3. Closest competitor capture rate
4. Cheaper cost of acquisition
5. ROI across campaigns

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Listings are everything but times have changed

Stop paying for listings that you still have to fight for!

Listings are everything for an Agent. When you have listings, thousands of other Agents can help you sell the property. You make money no matter who finds the buyer. We help you secure listings so you have control over your business and your income. We help you engage and nurture your existing clients for retention and referral sales. KardZee will also provide you with leads from expired listings in your area in protected Zips. We do the hard work for you. We convert prospects into face-to-face meetings. We elevate you and your brand from your competitors.

Our success ratios are higher than any other current lead generator including Zillow, Trulia and at a fraction of the cost. To be in the top 1% of Agents & Brokers you have to do what the other 99% don't do. We can help you do that. Our cards tell your story. Highly personalized but automated so we do it all for you.

We help you stand out and win Expired Listings!

While other Agents continue with the same old time consuming practices, we free your time up by managing these campaigns for you in protected Zip locations. Our unique campaigns get you that face-to-face.

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Your existing clients need more than an email.

We manage your existing clients with highly personalized 6 Touch Omnichannel outreach. Our campaigns are unique and combine interactive cards, digital and social engagement. We nurture clients and ask for referrals for $5 per client per year.

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Bill Tierney

Realtor - Gibson Sotheby's International Realty

"KardZee offers a personal touch and unbelievable individualized customer service with a must-use product. Personalization, creativity and customization combine to make a unique way to engage your client base without being spammy or canned. Like the old cereal ad once said, 'Try it, you'll like it.' I highly recommend Keverne and KardZee.