6 Touch automated client engagement

We are the #1 B2B Omnichannel Engagement Platform driving retention and referral sales across industry. We focus on engaging and nurturing clients for ongoing retention and referral sales. Digital overcrowding has brought back tangible outreach. And every business needs to engage and nurture clients.

Top Reasons to use KardZee for your clients

First, we are unique. We re-engage existing clients for repeat business and referral sales. It can cost more than 6X finding new clients than keeping existing ones, but you have to do both. We let you concentrate on doing business while we engage. We save you hundreds of hours on client management plus we use the right tools to keep clients satisfied.

2. It's fully automated and we do the work for you. Here are four more:

2. Client retention thru Omnichannel
3. New customer cost over engaging existing
4. Share positive experiences
5. ROI across industries

What We Do

We manage your existing client base through our 6 Touch programs of tangible, digital and social outreach. We elevate your relationship with your clients through appreciation with high quality cards and media. We then keep them educated, informed and satisfied with limited, effective ongoing contact. We keep your message and brand consistent and then report back with metrics and responses, including a client NPS survey. Direct Mail is making a comeback. We are the Gold Standard in direct marketing with our ultra-high-quality, personalized cards and media.

Tangible media interwoven with technology data points

Our cards get thru to the recipient more than 87% of the time and are read and responded to more than 67%. But then, those cards become data information sites with embedded functions, such as VR Anchor points, texting platform and gift card redemption codes, video links, brochure and marketing material and discounts and offers. These are all available from just sending a KardZee.

What People Say