Omnichannel Outreach

We start with traditional tangible outreach with a High Quality card embedded with digital and social data points. This elevates your relationship with your client and it makes them warm to your other outreaches such as text and email. By using appreciation and gratitude as part of the content your clients will reciprocate and re-buy and refer. It is basic human nature. But it has to be genuine. We automate this process but still retain the fundamental outreach of thanks. The messages are delivered differently enabling sharing through different channels.

Why 6 Touch Omnichannel?

Our 6 Touch program debunks most more-is-better outreaches. Clients are busy people and they react adversely like we do, to continuous irrelevant contact. We use Omnichannel outreach across each contact channel with Tangible - Social - Text - Survey - Email and Phone. We are able to multiple-send some of the outreach like SMS. These are included in the program and identified during on-boarding. It is about coverage rather than frequency and our minimum is 6 touches with every client.

Top Reasons to use KardZee 6 Touch Outreach

First, Less is More. We undertake a systematic engagement with your clients starting with a tangible card or media. We then follow it up with consistent branding, message, content and style through all outreach.

2. It's fully automated and we do the work for you.
Here are four more:

3. Clients who will upload to their social wall
4. The hit rate when tangible used with digital
5. Clients who undertake surveys and respond
6. Overall success rate of campaigns

Basecamp and Client Onboarding

To start any campaign we need to On-board you. That normally takes 30 days and during that time we build the program and campaign style, design, message and sentiment. Our design and content team is quick and efficient and we will get you on the road and engaging with clients. We establish the process for your card integration and campaign roll-out.

What People Say