Bespoke Client Engagement

Focused luxury branded engagement, helping clients re-engage and nurture their business and personal relationships with Omnichannel outreach.

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We help humans touch

Touch is one of our primary senses but it is missing with digital only communication. We help you touch clients.

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Our tangible hits home

Tangible outreach punches through digital overcrowding. You get noticed and felt.

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Digital overload is powering the return to tangible media

It's getting harder to get your important messages seen, heard and remembered. We fix that.

When MailChimp brought back the humble postcard into their marketing platform we knew email was struggling to get its message through. Inboxes are full and overflowing while real physical post boxes are empty. We have been told by many marketers that they have to reach out to clients maybe 6-8 times digitally to get a response. But it is not only email - it is all of digital. Overcrowded and noisy. The Solution is 'Just send a real card - but make it special.' For your existing clients go Bespoke - Go KardZee. Our automated B2B campaigns and programs get thru and provide huge ROI.

Top Reasons to use KardZee

1. Our Omnichannel outreach saves you time and money by re-engaging with your existing client base to cycle them back to a repeat buying stage and providing ongoing referrals.

2. Our programs are automated to make everything simpler and easier. Here are four more:

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3. Reach & Open Rate
4. Higher then Email
5. Clients will refer
6. ROI

Analog is the new Tech for B2B client engagement

But it has to be personalized high quality. We do that. We can work with B2B in any industry. Here are some:

Digital overcrowding means most digital outreach falls short. Your existing clients are not listening to you and you are not standing out from the competition. Adding to the growing problem with digital overload, is that clients have changed too. Clients want a more personalized relationship and they now prefer quality Omnichannel communications that pinpoint their wants and needs. But above all, they want to be appreciated. Genuine tangible outreach supported by digital does that. So we built an Omnichannel sandwich - tangible - digital - social that satisfies and fulfills client communication needs and wants.

Real Estate

Tangible tools for digital Vendors and Agencies where client communication is digital-only based.
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Driving existing client engagement across any industry to support repeat and referral sales.
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Omnichannel client outreach is the B2B Solution

Our 6 Touch automated program provides that. We reach out through a combination of tangible media with high quality cards and notes - client social upload - permitted text - client NPS survey and email.

Omnichannel outreach means more than just marketing or engaging through different devices. It is about using every channel available to get your message across to your clients so they hear, see and remember you. The power of traditional analog using high quality cards and media, pierces through digital overcrowding and elevates your relationship with your client. Your clients want and expect more. They want personalization and what they accepted as leads no longer works when they become clients. When your client relationship is warm they do listen to digital outreach. And we deliver it.

Latest B2B Projects

Our latest projects are tangible, digital and social campaigns including new product launches.

A 6 Touch personalized Omnichannel launch program for Aston Martin Dealers to generate retention and referral sales for the launch of 2019 DBS Superleggera, existing 2019 Vantage and forthcoming 2020 Vanquish.

Online San Francisco training company wanted a reward for sign up for an update. 1,000 outreaches with a $25 Gift Card and a Note with text follow-up. Delayed payment on responding cards only reducing initial campaign costs.

Online Sales Bootcamp program. 400 client outreach with cards for appreciation and thanks for patronage. Then digital follow up to create a share referral program with peers.

A client engagement and referral program for Lotus Dealers on its 70th Birthday year to increase test-drives through clubs, enthusiasts, friends and family. 30% of test drives end in a sale.

A health and wellbeing MLM platform with over 2,500 advocates and 12,000 members. The brief was to provide a personal outreach platform for Advocates to engage their client base and increase referrals.

L'Objet is a boutique Sonoma County winery with a Wine Club. Our brief is to engage with Wine Club members and offer rewards for referrals and repeat business through personalized Omnichannel outreach.

With over 900 charters a year and 10,000 existing clients, the brief is to manage corporate clients, increase referrals and get repeat business through personalized Omnichannel outreach.

Realty Group that wants automated, personalized client engagement saving time and money for Brokerage and Agents. Using our 6 Touch Program, it creates and manages a branded nurturing environment that adds to Agent outreach.

KardZee is a powerful tool for client launch campaigns

Whatever your industry and however you are generating leads and interest to promote new product and model launches - do not forget your existing client base. They need to be engaged but they want and expect more. We provide that. We create an environment of emotional elevation and interest with them for you. We save you time and we get results. And we provide those results at the lowest cost-to-sales conversion ratio in any industry. There is a lead-in time for launch campaigns so find out now how we help deliver and build your internal client pipeline for repeat and referral sales with our Omnichannel 6 Touch Client Engagement campaigns. See how we on-board clients Here.

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Not into business? Get personal with our iOS consumer App.

iOS App - Android coming

Want to send a personal card for a Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You or just for fun? KardZee is your one-stop-mobile-shop. Create real Greeting Cards or Postcards that we print and send for you anytime and anywhere. You can add a Gift or Gift Card that is printed directly onto the card and include a warm message in your own handwriting, all for just a few bucks. Download the App, create a personal account and get some free cards on us!

Craft your cards to make them special

Make cards special with internal wallpapers and designs that will make your cards stand out. Use your own personal images or download them from our galleries.

Gifts and Gift Cards can be added instantly

If the card is for a special occasion that requires a gift, you can add a gift card or gift with a swipe of the finger. From a simple $5 Starbucks Gift Card to a $2,000 Amazon Card, or specialized Gifts starting at $85 including domestic shipping.

Your real handwriting captured from your smartphone

Our App captures your real handwriting so you can write messages that are warm and personal. And you can use that font for everyday emails and contact as well. If your handwriting is just plain terrible :( we have existing fonts for you to use :)

Want a 25% Discount on personal KardZee packages?"

Download and register a personal account and get a 25% Discount off any consumer package you buy in September. Just send your email address below and we will send you the cash back. The holiday funnel is here!

What People Say

Nick White

Corporate Partnerships - Vendition

"KardZee is a great opportunity for Customer Success Teams to deepen customer relationships, increase customer retention rate and increase NPS. Retaining customers and having them stay engaged is a challenge. KardZee is the personal touch that companies need to stay ahead."

Allie Hawkins

Cruising Specialists - Jeanneau

"I use KardZee as a great Thank You for Sales and also for keeping in touch with referrals. I am always busy. My clients and I love the quality and how I can personalize cards plus it saves me so much time. KardZee gives me the opportunity to do the right outreach".

Nick Dreher

Director of Industry Engagement American Mortgage & Equity

"You walk away from your meeting and in the driveway of the house you pull out your KardZee App and send the client a Thank-You letter.”