6 Top Reasons to use Multichannel outreach for your Retail clients.

First, we are unique. We are the #1 Multichannel business outreach platform. We get 13x times ROI.

2. It's fully automated and we do the work for you. Here are four more:

3. Using Multichannel is more effective
4. It has a better response rate
5. Clients share their positive experiences
6. ROI on Campaign costs over single channel

KardZee 3-Touch Campaigns

Tangible - Digital - Social


Personalized Hi-Quality interactive real cards. Real mail gets through but it has to be a quality outreach. We create, design, print and send in focused Campaigns that engage, nurture and encourage response.


Our interactive tangible cards have an Email Digital clone that triples the outreach. The message form the real card is reinforced. We monitor open and response and give you data from them.


We upgrade your Social sites to reflect your Campaigns and we focus on content with a specific CTA for Sharing & Leverage to your clients SOI. Just 250 current clients can lead to 60,000 new prospects finding you.

How we build your Multichannel Outreach Campaigns


We start with a deep dive into your engagement requirements including brand, social channels and presence - value $250+

Concept Creation

We look at you, your brand and create specific Campaigns to focus your outreach on engaging for value.

Content Development

We cross-pollinate your Campaign across the three channels - Tangible - Digital and Social.

Publish & Manage

We publish and manage keeping you up to date and in front of your audience..

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