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Your database is your most valuable business tool and it will create passive referral income for you, when it is up-to-date. Database referrals can generate 40-50% more passive revenue every year. That's a lot of extra money but most Agents leave that sort of money on the table.

In fact, in 2019 NAR found that 80% of Agents miss out on those referrals because they do not have enough time or interest or don't know where or how to start. We fix that.

We went from one client to over 2,000 in less than 3 years just by keeping our database current. We kept our contacts up-to-date and used the right CTA to get them to refer us. It worked. Now we have done it for hundreds of Agents and businesses. If you want more predictabile and consistent revenue in 2021, then KickStart is for you.

KICKSTART is a 30-Day program that cleans, verifies and filters your database then engages with your new list to identify the warm leads you need for more consistent referrals. And, it can start before the Holidays.

You need to act NOW to be ready for 2021 and before it fills up - See WHY Below.

Here is WHY your Database needs a KickStart

Your database is your biggest referral asset but you have to keep it up-to-date. It will work for you when you know who is there, who has moved on and which leads are warm and will refer you. It is all about getting the right message to the right people and referrals can pour in. It is also the keeper of your Domain Reputation.

If you send and get emails as part of your everyday business then your Domain Reputation is vital to keeping your business working at 100%. Our KickStart program gets your Database back to health.

Since COVID, it's even more important to know who is there and who is not. Email address can expire and clients can just fade away if it's been time since you last reached out to them. Bad and incorrect data can affect your genuine email open rates and it all gets messy. Knowing who and where your warm leads are is more cost effective and it gives you an easier way to maintain and keep your relationship with them.

What can happen if I just decide to do nothing?

Danger . . . Danger your database can turn against you.
It can affect your domain reputation, email openings, spam filtering and authentication. You need to avoid that.

Your Database and email server work on your Domain Reputation. That means the more emails that bounce or do not work WILL affect how your emails are accepted by incoming email servers. Your emails that you are sending to your contacts, to new clients are probably not getting through. Your database WILL tell other servers that your emails may be Spam!

Doing nothing will affect your Domain Reputation . . . we will fix it and bring it back to health.

So, what are the Benefits of doing it? -

An active clean Databases means more revenue from referrals and more repeat business;

It keeps your Domain Reputation high - people will get your emails;

You know where the warm leads are and you can concentrate on them;

It's cost effective. You are not wasting time and money on clients who have moved on;

Everything is done and managed for you;

Every client in your cleaned database hears from you 3X;

Warm leads and prospects are clearly identified;

You don't need staff;

Your outreach is seen, heard and remembered.

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What you get in this Kickstart Campaign


Your database is cleaned;

Email contacts are verified;

Database responses are Curated;

Your Warm Audience list is identified;

We Create Social Posts across your social networks;

A meaningful Holiday Campaign with Holiday message and images is created;

The Campaign is sent at least twice to EVERY CLIENT in your Database;

After KickStart, we give you email and text templates so you can stay in touch yourself. Or if you want to concentrate on your new leads we can help you economically manage staying in touch. That's a great deal.

"No one does what we do to get your Database curated, verified and working for you 24/7 but it is a limited offer with a great Black Friday saving with availability ending soon."

Keverne Denahan, KardZee CEO