We help you tell your Social Story to match your Personal Brand, SOI and Database Outreach that mirror your NURTURE Campaigns.

2020 is the year of Personalization and Storytelling. When KardZee does your Social Strategy, we do it in your voice, so it sounds like you. Your Social Strategy is more effective when it’s paired with our NURTURE Programs as we already have the graphics, text and branding for you and easily create content to mirror your NURTURE Campaigns. Google yourself, would you do business with you?

OnBoarding: We usually spend the first month creating and designing your programs and outreach.

Step 1: Instagram and Facebook analysis and overhaul.
>> rename your Profile if needed;
>> edit your Bio, add CTA button;
>> create your auto-messages;
>> confirm your settings are accurate.

Step 2: Post on your behalf on Instagram and Facebook based on the Social Strategy Package that you choose.

>> post creation for both channels;
>> creation of core hashtags;
>> your branding;
>> original content;
>> mirroring your KardZee NURTURE Campaign.

With KardZee 2020 NURTURE Campaigns, your Clients get a real card + an email version of that card which includes your photos, video, social links and a report back on what your Clients did. See NURTURE for more details.

A professional, relevant, consistent feed that has great content, the right hashtagstargeting the right Audience will increase your value to your Clients and Followers. You want all of your Followers to feel like they know you. Content is key. We help you define a coherent message across all media and channels. So we ask you again, Google yourself, would you do business with you?


$299 mo

  • 3 month Contract required
  • Posting
  • 2-3 posts per week
  • 2 InstaStory per month
  • Includes Content Creation



$499 mo

  • 3 month Contract required
  • Engagement & Posting
  • 4-5 posts per week
  • 4 InstaStory per month
  • Includes Content Creation
  • Includes Video

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