We are your Concierge for Client Engagement

We connect with your clients and your clients' guests, the way you would if you had the time.

KardZee helps you engage with YOUR clients, and your clients engage with THEIR guests. We take care of the before, during and after of an event where warm engagement is so important. We create the invitation, Thank You, and the follow-up in both tangible and digital form. KardZee isn't for everybody. KardZee is for high net worth clients looking for a new experience - even when opening an invitation. Luxury speaks a different language. They want the bragging rights.

Top Reasons to use KardZee for you and your event clients

First, we are different. We are your C├čoncierge for Client Engagement.

2. With full automation we are your second, or third, pair of hands. Give them the WOW factor they deserve. Here are four more:

2. Client reception via Omnichannel
3. New customer satisfaction over digital outreach
4. Share positive experiences
5. ROI across industries

For any Event, we create that lasting emotional bond by combining real touch with tech. Your Clients expect more. Give it to them.


Providing a full service program from Invitation to Thank You including ongoing outcome outreach.
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Providing a full service program from Invitation to Thank You including video and gallery links.
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Providing a full service product launch from Invitation to Thank You and ongoing outcome management.
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We keep the warm and fuzzy in the relationship.

Our 6 Touch automated program provides the power of personalized engagement. People are craving warm relationships. KardZee reaches your clients across several channels so they see and hear you in a warm and fuzzy way.