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[ whatever you did to get clients before is different now ]

  • For the foreseeable future, millions of businesses will be increasing their outreach to tens of millions of potential clients, including yours. Those businesses all desperately want to catch up. They all want to drive more traffic. They all need to make sales. Digital traffic will increase exponentially, it already has. It will almost be impossible to stand out and be seen and heard in all that noise. How you used to acquire clients before the pandemic, will now cost more, take more effort and be exponentially more competitive.

    To overcome this problem you need to cast a wider net and go where the traffic is quieter so you stand out.

'On average, our solutions provide +37% more sales at a 2X lower cost of acquisition . . . . Genius'

Keverne Denahan, CEO

Let's fix this problem NOW

'we cast a wider net'

[ and discover new markets and strategies for success with WOM ]

"Every day is about working to expand your business. You must constantly seek out new projects, discover new strategies for marketing yourself, so you can cast a wider net."

Ryan Serhant - 'Sell it like Serhant'

In 2018 Ryan Serhant and his team sold more than $800M in real estate by 'casting a wider net' - by taking action. He uses the 1% Rule - that is don't do what the other 99% does. In 2019 Ryan managed over $1.24BN in listings. What will you do to create that level of success for yourself? - Aim for the 1% or stay in the 99% with everyone else?

'Why Multichannel WOM Wins'

[ let's go to the numbers ]

6 Top Reasons to use Multichannel campaigns with 'Word of Mouth Marketing' CTA for your client outreach.

1. We drive more revenue by focusing on client retention and referral sales across 3 Multichannel formats.

2. Our managed Multichannel campaigns are personalized and automated for you and we get your clients to tell their friends.

3. More Multichannel Open Rate
4. Higher than Digital alone
5. More generated sales
6. More ROI per $ spent

'SURVIVE' for Retail Businesses

The way we all do business has changed. We need to adapt to it

Retail businesses have been hard hit during the pandemic. We can help you 'SURVIVE' NOW and thrive after it with online and later with in-store sales programs and promotions. Our Retail 'SURVIVE' program will engage your client base with empathy driven multichannel outreach that drives retention sales and referrals. We use the power of leveraged relationships, we get your clients to share and tell their friends about you.

Find out more about Retail SURVIVE Here

'KICKSTART' for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

'KICKSTART' is an empathy driven client engagement program that will drive revenue and sales from internal client retention and referrals. It will get your brand and your message back in front of your existing client base where they will share it with their SOI. Now is the time to go back to your clients, where we will use the power of their leveraged relationships. You will get seen by thousands of more people, who otherwise would not know you. This is critical right now.

Many of your clients and their friends will be considering what to do about their Real Estate. Loss of job, loss or reduction of income and a downturn in stocks means many people will be considering selling their properties. While others, will be thinking about buying.

We know a SECRET that we will share to help you win more clients and keep the ones you already have.

Learn More and Check pricing for KICKSTART here

Dealer 'CHANGE' for Car Dealerships

Dealer 'CHANGE' is an empathy driven client engagement program that will drive revenue and sales from internal client retention and referrals across your Service Drive, Lease Pull-Aheads, Launches and Sales Events. While you are maintaining inbound digital marketing we look after your internal client relationships. We get your clients to share with their SOI.

Our Auto Campaigns get you more sales at half the cost of traditional vendors. We don't want all of your marketing - just some of it.

Find out about Dealer CHANGE Here