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Most Business Owners, big or small, need a full time professional to manage the marketing. The truth is, an outsourced professional can do the job much better than an internal employee and it costs a lot less money..

Here are the 8 reasons why it’s better to hire a Virtual Marketing Professional over an Employee:

1. IT’S MORE COST-EFFECTIVE. An in-house marketing professional is likely to cost over $100K plus benefits, even higher in some markets. An experienced Virtual Marketing Manager will cost 50%+ less with no benefits.

2. YOU GET A TEAM OF PEOPLE. An In-house Marketing Manager does what they know. External Virtual Marketing Professionals are experts at a multitude of tasks. Having a broad-based knowledge base is more powerful and a better use of your money. An outside group has experts in most functional areas.

3. IT’S CONSISTENT. Effective marketing requires predictability and consistency. Good successful marketing creates sales and profits. Instead of being a cost center as a wage , an outside Virtual Marketer can be your profit center.

4. NO INTERRUPTIONS FROM ANYTHING. A Virtual Marketer isn’t interrupted by hiccups in your business. Your marketing programs are being worked on no matter what is happening.

5. MORE FLEXIBLE. There are no strings attached with a Virtual Marketer. You are not beholden to the rules and regulations of an employee. It’s easier for you to give direction, reverse course and quite simply, change your mind.

6. ACCOUNTABLE. A dedicated Virtual Marketing Professional means you get regular reports on agreed deliverables. You have full control.

7. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. Every area of your marketing requirements is met when you have access to a team.

8. HELP IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. With a Virtual Marketing Professional, help is always available when and if you need it. Your VMP will know where to find it because that isn’t something you need to worry about.

Do you agree that it would be great if you could choose what type of marketing service you need? That’s why the KardZee Team has you covered on all of these points. KardZee offers three levels of Virtual Marketing expertise plus a myriad of services a la carte.

We’re ready when you are. Want to do a private consultation first? email us at teamkardzee@kardzee.com

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KD, Founder & CEO, KardZee.com

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