'Wait, what?! What does THAT mean?'

You could be wondering why you need to engage with your database in the first place. They already know you, you’ve done business with most of them before.

You know how a credit score is calculated? Your email reputation has a “sending score” but most of us don’t even know what that means, or that it even existed. Your email reputation is based on three basic reasons - scroll down to see.

When was the last time you went thru your list to make sure it’s updated and curated?

If you’re like most people, the answer is not very often because it takes a ton of time. If you had any extra time this year because of Covid, it is likely still not done.

Updating and curating thousands of names can be pretty overwhelming. It takes weeks, sometimes months, for you to do it yourself. How do you even know that you’re doing it right?

Let’s say you have at least 1,000 people in your database. You noticed you aren’t getting as much engagement, sales or referrals as you want. You’re left wondering - was it my subject line? didn’t they like my content? why aren’t they opening my emails or watching my videos?

Here are THREE big reasons why your emails aren’t getting thru to your database:

1. because of Covid, people are on the move. Changing jobs, states, even countries. That means their data on your list is inaccurate.

2. 30%+ of email addresses change every year. Unless you maintain and curate your list, your database is inaccurate.

3. Emails bounce because your database list isn’t maintained. Your email sending reputation goes down. It’s like a credit score. The more bad debt you have, the lower your score right? Well, the more bounces you have, the lower your sending score.

But how does a lower email sending reputation affect ME you ask?

Because, like people, servers ‘talk’. Your server sends out a message: “Hey, there are a lot of bounces in this email list. This person is a spammer!"

The other server is like, "wait what?! we don’t want that!” Now your emails are going to spam/junk folders.

Since the servers had this ‘conversation’, even your regulars aren’t getting your emails.

Like a credit score, this problem CAN be fixed. With a credit score, you start paying your debts. With emails, you clean up your list so your bounce rate is lower or non-existent and then your score goes back up.

It takes weeks, sometimes months, for you to do it yourself. Or you can take advantage of the Cyber Week Special and hire KardZee to do it for only $249.00 (price goes up midnight, 12/6/20)

If you do nothing, guess what happens? Nothing, or worse, the servers start talking about you. Stop the gossip! Sign up NOW!

XOXO, Keverne, Chief Executive Officer, KardZee

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