'Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Send Holiday Cards to Your Clients / Database This Year'

byKeverne Denahan

'Holiday Cards? You're thinking, why bother? It's expensive and no one cares. It's not and they do. '

You could be wondering why you need to engage with your database in the first place. They already know you, you’ve done business with most of them before.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons why you need to send holiday cards to your Clients / Database this year, right now:

1. 2020 is different than any other year in our lifetimes. People have been unable to see each other. They are desperate for relationships, video, any kind of human-to-human interaction. People are more grateful now when someone shows that they are thinking of them. A real, physical card in their mailbox, as they are likely at home, is that first tug at their heart strings. People WILL remember the person that mailed them a card because no one else is doing it.

2. The 7X/30X Rule: People are 7X more likely to remember you if they get a nice piece of mail from you and 30X more likely to remember you if they get that card PLUS an email. (btw KardZee does that two-for-one thing: every person gets a real card + a matching email)

3. Getting referrals from your database is different than prospecting because it’s cheaper. The leads are more trustworthy and valuable because they come from somebody who already knows you. It’s 5X more expensive to get a new lead than to engage with your existing database.

4. Most importantly, your clients/database feel like you took some time to do something extra when you send a real card, that's nice. You could just send a holiday email and hope they see it. Your monthly newsletter doesn't count as meaningful referral-based engagement (sorry!) because neither are personal. What is someone going to do, print it out and hang it on the fridge or keep it on their desk? Of course not, but they WILL keep a real card because they liked it and your business info is right there.

5. The 80/20 Rule. When you engage properly, as few as 20% of your database will give you more business and more referrals – as much as 80% of your future revenue. Imagine how much more business you could get if 50% of them started referring you? That's how it works.

BONUS reason! A video can be added (FREE) to any KardZee card and the email copy! Another channel to reach your people - all included.

It’s not the ‘thought that counts’ when it comes to client engagement. It has to be good quality.

We know engagement works for referrals and more business - if it didn't, we wouldn't be in business.

So the question becomes, what’s the cheapest way to engage someone in your database?

Reminder, getting referrals from your database is different than prospecting because it’s cheaper. The leads are more trustworthy and valuable because they come somebody who already knows you.

With a KardZee card, it’s a real card using 130 lb paper stock, mailed by us in a fabulous eco-friendly clear plastic envelope with a hand-applied postage stamp (included) in their mailbox PLUS the email copy which means this: they get to hang the card on the fridge. (the 7X / 30X rule mentioned above)

But KardZee takes it one step further so that they see you everywhere they look – the mailbox (then the desk, the fridge), the email AND on your Social Media pages because KardZee also gives you a matching social post for your feed.

That's 3 Touches for the price of one. Cheaper than all the time you spent agonizing over missed sales, lost business, unanswered calls and emails.

No one else offers this type of service.

Sign up NOW and use my name as your special PROMO code - you hear me?

XOXO, Keverne, Chief Executive Officer, KardZee

PS: if you don't like our designs, you can send us your own image for even more customization of your holiday cards. Here to HELP you!

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