'Being a Leader these days means you have to take some chances and make big decisions at a quick pace.'

byKeverne Denahan

'Brand DNA is confusing to a lot of business owners. Brand DNA means the ESSENSE of the brand, which means, what exactly?'

First off, while building an identity with a logo is important, a logo is not your brand. It’s what makes you unique from your competitors. Read on....

Your Brand is who you are, what you do and why you do it. What values and emotions surround your brand so your customers, employees, ambassadors are living and breathing that brand?

Remember that Mission Statement you came up when you first started your business? Use that Mission Statement as your guide because that is at the core of your identity. Some companies lose sight of WHY they started in the first place and that ultimately becomes their downfall. Think about LEE Jeans, The Gap, Ralph Lauren to name a few. They have lost sight of who they are and sales are suffering.

The good news is, once you figure that out, you can often get your sales back up provided you don’t let your brand languish for years. Read on.

When you create content for anything – your website, social media, email and direct mail campaigns, events – anything – you need to stay true to your brand DNA.

What FEELING and EMOTION do you want people to have when they are on your website, social channels or receive anything from you? Think of Tiffany & Co. That blue box! EVERYONE knows what that box means. It means “someone loves me”. It makes you FEEL good, you get EXCITED, you feel APPRECIATED and remembered. Just from the color of the box – it hasn’t even been opened yet and you have gone thru ALL of those emotions! THAT is great branding. And they carry it thru all the way.

Let’s do a quick summary of what you need to do right now to stay true to your Brand DNA:

Mission Statement. Dust it off, re-read it. Use it. Pivoted? That’s fine because your end-goal is still likely the same, you just have a new way of saying it.

Now answer these questions. Go on – get out a pen and write this down:

Who ARE you?
What do you DO?
Why do you do it?
What is your Value Statement?
What makes you DIFFERENT?
How do you want people to FEEL when they do business with you?

Now you’re on your way. Identifying your Brand DNA during a worldwide crisis is just one of many strategies that you can focus and work on to keep your business on track.

Look for more, of what I hope are helpful, blogs and vlogs because my Mission Statement is to make your business better.

Need help with your Brand DNA during this turbulent time? That's what KardZee does.

We HELP you build a cohesive, branded image that has consistent messaging across ALL platforms so in ONE glance, people know who you are, what you do and why you're different, and hopefully, better.

Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee
We can get thru this together!

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