'Am I missing something? We're in month 5 of this pandemic and my mailbox is still empty. Why?'

Some states, including my own, are still basically closed; however, many states are fully open and operating and many businesses are still struggling to find ways to engage with their customer list.

As I mentioned in a recent vlog on social media, now available on our KardZee YouTube Channel here, most businesses are frozen with fear. Their old bags of tricks aren't working and they don't know what to do so they keep doing the same ole same and not getting the results that they used to get.

Can I revert back to high school and write 'DUH'!

This is because most people don't understand the MAGNITUDE of HOW things are different now. They keep thinking, well, next month it will be different and I can....except that you can't because next month will be different but not in the way that you are hoping or expecting. Truth.

Your current list of customers might not be able to buy from you the same way that they did before because of this pandemic so you need to give them something that they can buy. Peoples wants and needs are different and their budget might be different too - it could be higher, it could be lower. You don't know, so you you need to react accordingly and try new things. Some businesses are either exploding or dying which means you just have to be better at reaching out to them. How?

Remember that first sentence AND the title of this blog? Fill up those mailboxes. And I don't mean go to some large printing house and order 10,000 postcards and blast them out. I mean, send out mail, yes, but do it in a thoughtful, personalized way that captures their attention.

People are working AT HOME for the near and pretty distant future from what I am hearing from large companies and friends who work at offices. That means, the trip to the mailbox is pretty easy.

I think the next piece of resistance I will hear is that "we never asked for a physical address from anyone". WHOOPSY. When I owned my Gallery in San Francisco, I asked for physical address, email and phone number. Why? One reason was demographics. I wanted to know where people came from, how they found me and I also wanted all of the different ways to communicate with them so it would be EASY when I wanted to change my outreach.

It's not too late for you to get physical addresses but it will take a bit more effort. The results, however, will be worth it because people are 7X more likely to remember you when they have a piece of mail from you and if you combine that with a digital version (like we do here at KardZee), they are 30X more likely to remember you.

Recently KardZee did a post about over a BILLION hours streamed since this pandemic. The natural thing for every business to do is to jump on that bandwagon and start blasting out more emails (I can't tell you how many new emails I am getting that don't even make sense why I am on their list of prospects...)

Some companies are just realizing, oh, I need an online presence and oh, I guess I should be doing some social media. Remember that video I did 6 months ago called 'It's FREE! Why Social Media is so important for your business.' I can't even wrap my head around why you wouldn't be doing social media. Yes, it's a learning curve but you can also hire someone like KardZee to do it for you so there ARE solutions to that problem.

Notice how we have touched on the digital portion of your outreach, and then we touched on the social media component but now we're going back to the original touchpoint of this blog which is direct mail. I like to say 'tangible' because it EXUDES a nicer sounding piece of mail, not junk mail, but something worth receiving.

This is what is called multichannel marketing. When you combine those THREE things together and MIRROR the message and graphics and go a few steps further and do some matching live Facebooks, Instastories, YouTube videos, Blogs and Virtual Events - NOW you have evolved. Add in a GWP (gift-with-purhase) or BOGO (buy one, get one) to get things rocking and rolling, and you are now officially in SURVIVAL mode on your way to THRIVE and GROWing your revenue. It's true. It CAN happen to you - you just have to P.A.C.E. your business (remember that?) personalize, adapt, change and evolve your business.

Remember to check out our YouTube Channel for over 100 videos to help you learn more and try new things. www.youtube.com/c/kardzee

Stay safe and strong

Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee

PS: We CAN lose the fear, have FAITH and be more CONSCIOUS. This IS our day of reckoning. We are all in this together. Let's do it right!

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