'Who hasn't wanted to just curl up in a ball during this crisis?'

Who hasn't wanted to just curl up in a ball during this crisis? Right? No matter what you're doing, everything changes daily and at some point your mind just says ENOUGH!.

It's REALLY hard NOT to do that but I am here to tell you that you can't. You have to persevere, keep on keepin' on, move forward and all of that jazz.

Only YOU control your destiny. There are always people and companies that THRIVE in a crisis. Be one of them. Let's talk about your customer list or your SOI (sphere-of-influence, we all have 250 btw).

Using an example 5,000 customers, you may have done quite well for yourself pre-pandemic with this group of people because they were were, after all, your customers.

Let's narrow it down to TWO reasons why people on that list may not buy from you now:

(1) a BILLION more hours of streaming has happened since the global pandemic started. A BILLION hours. Did you see our Social Post the other day of 'pick me! choose me! over here!' - it means your message is getting lost.

(2) financial situations have changed. not much else to say here. The wealthy are doing a wait-and-see approach and many others are struggling with basic spending.

Suddenly, that list of 5,000 customer is cut in half because of those two things and the funnel to your lost customers begins.

What can you do for more sales? Here at KardZee, we call it "P.A.C.E."

Get more PERSONAL than ever, ADAPT to the new reality, CHANGE your message and EVOLVE your business.

Your first question might be, HOW do I do that? I know how to do a lot of things but I'm hustling already, I don't get it, what would I change, what does 'get more personal' mean?

Sometimes you just need a helping hand, or someone to guide you thru the maze or maybe you just have been seeking someone to just 'fix it!" which is when KardZee steps in. CHECK OUR PROSPECTING PAGE HERE

As we say on our website, all over our social channels and in emails, it's about doing a more personalized, authentic, multichannel approach. We use tangible, digital, social, video and more to get thru to your existing customer and find new ones.

How about hi-end tangible Campaigns that are targeted by neighborhood with tech embedded in it? Followed up by the same digital experience and mirrored on social personalized to YOU but done by US?

But the whole point of this blog is not for me to sell our services, it's for you to realize that the old stuff, your tried and true? It ain't gonna work. You still might think it will because it was SO effective just a few months ago but I am here to tell you not to waste your time, money and efforts because this global pandemic has changed.....absolutely....everything.

Ready when you are. Stay Strong. Be Strong. We WILL all get thru this TOGETHER (in one piece.) DM me.

Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee

PS: We CAN lose the fear, have FAITH and be more CONSCIOUS. This IS our day of reckoning. We are all in this together. Let's do it right!

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