'When FEAR knocks, let FAITH answer the door' - Robin Roberts '

byKeverne Denahan

Watching a recent MasterClass by Robin Roberts, this message was in her very first class. How much do we love this quote?!

'When FEAR knocks, let FAITH answer the door'

Let's face it. We're all afraid of something and if we let it take our power, we LOSE our power. We lose our voice, our courage, our business, our relationship, our life. Read on to see some KEY takeaways that you can use to HELP your business survive this crisis, but first....understand where I'm coming from.

Most people have a 'Guidance System' that you turn to in times, well, in times like these. You are seeking that higher calling, the message, the all-knowing "tell me what to direction to go-in" voice. It's this 'voice' that you let 'answer the door'.

Most people, most businesses, have LOST 25%, that's an ENTIRE QUARTER, of their YEAR because their business was closed, shut down or not deemed essential. That means, and this is what many business owners are forgetting, that YOUR CUSTOMERS also lost 25% of their income. You see how connected it is? It's not just you.

Then you, the business, re-opens. You're thinking, well, I'll make it up now because I'm open. Except many of you won't because many of your customers have less to spend now. Factor in anxiety, fear of the unknown, another shutdown or worse, and the wallets may close back up before they fully open.

Your customers and clients couldn't be expected to come back the way they did. They too are trying to get back on their feet. They are trying to save their house, pay their bills that they stopped paying - they're trying to catch up. The entire country, what am I saying, the entire globe, is trying to catch up.

How are you feeling? Are YOU scared?

The KEY to remember is that it is likely your customers' income has CHANGED. They can't spend what they did before. Their priorities have shifted (stocked kitchen pantry anyone?!), their attitudes have changed (fear of being near other people, germs, paranoia) and you can't do anything about that. Maybe they have completely moved out of the area because they want space and safety.

So, you have one choice. CHANGE how you do things. Even if you did promotions or discounts before, they need to be different now. The same tactics are not being accepted. What can YOU do to get them to buy from YOU?

Here are 5 key takeways for an in-person encounter with your customers and clients:

>>Say 'thank you' when you see a customer or client - AS SOON AS YOU SEE THEM. 'Thank you for taking the time to come in, to see me....
>>Show your appreciation and ask what they NEED. They need something or they would be at home. Most people aren't just strolling around being a looky-loo.
>>Ask them something - how are you doing today? it's beautiful out today isn't it? or compliment - I love your dress, your t-shirt is hilarious - something to engage and make them feel noticed and again, appreciated and valued.
>>Show them or tell them where the hand sanitizer is - actions speak louder than words.
>>Show empathy and sincerity if they feel skittish.

I hope that you take these points on board because from personal experience, many businesses are not doing anything different and desperately seeking the money grab. Businesses that do that now will fail in the long run.

If you need help, that's what KardZee does.

Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee

PS: We CAN lose the fear, have FAITH and be more CONSCIOUS. This IS our day of reckoning. We are all in this together. Let's do it right!

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