'Be the Lighthouse for your Customers. '

byKeverne Denahan

Be the Leader that everyone is going to right now.

'Be the lighthouse that everyone sees. You are their beacon of light that during these dark times.

Be the Leader that everyone is going to right now. Be the lighthouse that everyone sees. You are their beacon of light during these dark times.

There are millions of businesses that survive and thrive during a crisis and you can be one of them. HOW? By being the effective Leader of your industry, area, community. Know your customers needs before they do and offer solutions.

Being successful during a global crisis is not about luck. We know almost every business, including yours, is having a challenging time right now. Even if your sales are thru the roof, is your messaging right? Uncertainty keeps us unbalanced and unsure of what to do next. It’s hard right now. These are challenging times but know this. The 6 most disastrous words you can say right now are “we’ve always done it this way” because nothing is the same.

What can YOU do to help yourself and grow, or SURVIVE, this crisis? Here are a few tips:

>> Be SEEN - everywhere! In their inbox, mailbox and social media;
>> Be HEARD - everywhere! On video, ZOOM, webinars, Facebook Live, private messages...;
>> Be EMPATHETIC - your customers and clients want you to be there for them. A lot of people have financial situations that they are not sharing but they need help - keeping their business open, keeping their home....;
>> Be THERE as the PERSON they GO TO for help and guidance;
>> Be COMPASSIONATE - everyone is having a different reaction to this crisis so put your opinions aside and be compassionate towards their choices;

>>YOU are their lighthouse during these dark times. They will never forget you.

Our one goal as a company is to keep you in business. If you need help being a lighthouse, that's what KardZee does. We grow your sales with your existing clients and referrals to survive and keep you in business.

Keep positive. We will all get thru this together!

Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee

PS: We can hold your hand and help you stand out in these rough waters so that you can keep the business you have worked so hard to build. KardZee offers consulting, monthly plans for client retention and social strategy to increase your revenue and keep your clients.

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