'Sell me this Pen . . . it's about the feeling

We've all heard this phrase and it was brought to the spotlight from the movie "Wolves of Wall Street" with Leonardo DiCaprio - remember that? The movie begins and ends with "Sell me this pen." During this unprecedented crisis of our lifetimes, why would I be writing about "sell me this pen?" and how does that relate to you? Keep reading to find out.

You have your business. Sales are down or zero. You need business. Maybe you don't know what to do or are in a position to wait it out until the bounce-back. The sales climate is different though. We're all fragile, wounded animals. We have uncertainty about what the future holds right now.

What can YOU do to address that but still win sales? When things re-open, every single business will be reaching out to your customers. Let me re-state that. Millions of businesses will be reaching out to your customers to try to get business from them. That's much different than it was before. So what will you do to get them to buy from you? You 'sell me this pen'. It's not about the ink or how smooth it writes or even what it's made of. It's how the pen changes your life and makes you feel.

This pen helps me close deals. Now I'm a millionaire from the contracts I signed. This pen gives me the freedom to buy my dream house and go on a vacation. This pen gives me financial freedom so I can do what I want, when I want. When I have this pen, I have power.

Imagine you are selling a sailing charter. You love sharing the machinations of your sailboat - what makes her sail so smooth, the engine, the rigging - all of the features. But the reality is that most people who do a charter don't care about all of that. They just want the experience of sailing, of being out on the water, the romance of the seas if you will.

What sells that sailing charter is the feeling that people have while they're on the water and when they disembark. They are more relaxed, happy, and if they have never been on a sailboat before, proud that they did it. The fresh, salt air revitalizes the senses and energizes the soul. The majestic skyline views from the water, the chance to see marine-life up close and in nature are an added bonus. That's how you sell that pen.

This same principle applies to clothing, home decor, art, jewelry, cars, houses - anything. Look at yourself. When you buy something, how does it make you FEEL? You feel pretty when you wear that dress, you feel powerful when you drive that car, you feel rich when you open that front door. Take those feelings and apply that to your selling.

No one wants to be sold to - especially now. They are seeking comfort, security, safety but most importantly, an emotional connection to their buying. Your product fulfills that emotional vacuum if you do it right.

You with me on this?

It all starts with 'sell me this pen'.

Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee

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