'We all need HOPE right now and here's how to get it.'

byKeverne Denahan

How do you stay motivated during a global crisis?

'We all need HOPE right now and here's how to get it.'

I Recently I was asked what keeps me motivated as an Entrepreneur every day. My answer was HOPE. The article was released mid-March. With so many businesses and entrepreneurs closing their doors, working remotely and sometimes alone, the timing for this article was impeccable. How DO you stay motivated during a global crisis? These are unprecedented times, but you can do it.

QUICK BACKGROUND: I peddled vegetables around my neighborhood when I was 5, sold my Quill Art to a local art boutique (see above receipt) when I was 13 and opened my own Gallery in San Francisco when I was 33. I stayed in business successfully for over 16 years weathering three recessions including The Great Recession in 2008.

THIS CRISIS IS DIFFERENT: No one was prepared for it. Who knows what's going to happen next? Once everything re-opens, then what? Will people social distance? Will they do what they used to do? Will habits change and if so, which ones?

CREATE YOUR 'NEW' BUSINESS NOW: Be prepared for lasting effects that will affect your business and how people interact. One thing that isn't going away is the heavy use of virtual tours, events and meetings because we have learned that these tools can be very effective. Social Media has become even more important to keep yourself in front of your customer base and to attract new ones. The reality is you need to be everywhere now just to stay afloat and stay in front because when businesses reopen, it will be a tsunami for customers' attention.

HOW DO YOU STAY IN FRONT? First off, you have HOPE. Never lose it. Keep that flame going! Hope that you can make it, Hope that your customers will stay loyal, Hope that your vendors will work with you, Hope that you get some financial breaks along the way. But here's my secret. The best way to get thru this time is to focus on yourself so you can figure out what action to take.

Start by asking yourself these questions right now:

WHAT ARE MY INTERNAL TOOLS? I mean your internal strengths and weaknesses. THAT is what divides those that succeed and those that don't.

WHAT IS MY STRENGTH? What is your BEST trait? That's a strength! EMBRACE it! Use it to your advantage. You need everything you got right now!

WHAT IS MY WEAKNESS? What is your biggest fear? Acknowledge it and then move on. I don't mean ignore it, I mean, acknowledge it so you can take ACTION to move on. When you are DOING, you are taking action and action creates CHANGE. But this action needs to be MOVING yourself in a NEW direction. That in turn will MOVE you away from your fears.

ACTION REDUCES FEAR: Fear of no money, fear of no job, fear of no food, fear of change - these are all legit. But focusing on any of your fears and hiding in a corner is not going to change your life or your business. ACTION is going to change your life.

TAKE BABY STEPS: We ALL have to move ourselves in a new direction. You are NOT alone. You've seen the now popular hashtags: #wereallinthistogether and #alonetogether. Instead of getting overwhelmed, do baby steps because it's easier to manage change when it's in baby steps.

When the 'bounce-back' happens, the 30 Million other businesses that are re-opening are also trying to capture your customers' attention. Do you get that? You are competing not just for the dollar, you're competing against every single business that has been closed. Every....single....business, no matter how big or how small, because everyone was closed at the same time. At....the....same....time....globally. Unprecedented. Do you see where I am headed?

Since I owned a Gallery, I understand the retail environment very well (spoiler alert - there is a PROMO code at the end of this article for you!) and how to RETAIN your customers no matter what is happening. My Team are Experts in other Industries and have weathered similar conditions so we can help you.

Maybe you do understand it's important to do promotions, emails, mailers and social media (and all the rest) but you don't have the time to do it or do it right. Content for Social Media is tricky. Photos have to be right, there has to be a good balance of personal and professional, filters needed etc etc. and there has to be strategic placement so it all goes together with everything you are doing. Many of you don't know what to post or what to say, you're shy, you don't think it's important or what hashtags to use - it's a lot of work.

Maybe you hate making videos or worry about how you look when you do them (yeah, I used to be like that, but you get it over it). BRANDING, meaning YOU and WHAT YOU DO, no matter what you do, is EVERYTHING. Followers and likes are great, but branding comes first because that's your image. See? There IS HOPE.

SO if you are not taking advantage of these basic tools plus all of the others out there, you are missing potential sales, not just where you live, but all over the world. Right now, no one sees your product(s) because your events have been cancelled, seasons are ka-putzie, the general flow is gone. Maybe you never did a website because you thought you didn't need one. Even if you're rich you can't wait because those 30 million businesses I mentioned above? They are all going after your customers' attention when the bounce-back happens.

So you must you have a mailing list with a minimal of an email list right? You should have both but one will suffice....for now. But what will you say? Other businesses are using these tools already, and quite successfully. All you have to do is take ALL of these tools - no matter what your business is - and USE them. You have to HOPE that they will work but they will because this is positive, moving ACTION. It's making you go inward and get excited again. KardZee can help you create all of these Campaigns with all of these tools - that's what we do. Or you can try it yourself. Either way, but do it right or don't do it.

What motivates me as an Entrepreneur every day? HOPE. Here is my quote:

"A vision of multi-million dollar success for our company. I KNOW we have something people want because our Clients love us. I KNOW it works, because we have proven it. SO every day, since the day we started, no matter what happens either personally or professionally, I have HOPE to motivate me and keep me going. I SEE my future and it has everything I want in it for myself and this company. I KNOW that what we have is worthy and different and fabulous. HOPE. It keeps me motivated, every …. single….day."

You can do this too. You GOT this. We can HELP you! Use Promo Code 'HOPE' Just tell us when you email/call/DM us and you get special pricing because I got the feels for you.

We're all in this together. Stay safe and positive!

Virtual HUGS, Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee

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