Success Comes to Those Who 'Adapt to Change'

byKeverne Denahan

Everyone thinks Charles Darwin said in his 'Origin of the Species', that the strongest prevail. What he actually said that species that survive are the ones that adapt to change best.

“We wish you good health and safety in this changing time.”

“This is a time of great Opportunity. Use it. Don’t waste it.” How we think about ourselves, our clients and our businesses has dramatically shifted since Covid-19 started. We need to transform the tools we used before to meet this new reality.

A new way of engaging is and will be a direct result of this ‘Event’ that is happening right now around the world. NOTHING will be the same when this over. If you think everything is going to go back to normal exactly the way that it was, it won’t. Some scars will remain. Emotional scars. A FEELING that you had during this time will resurface, likely when you least expect it. So how do we, as businesses, provide comfort to our clients when they might not even know they need it?

First, YOU need to ACCEPT that you need to change. Then, YOU need to think DIFFERENT than you did before. We all want the same thing, life as we knew it with travel, life milestones and social gatherings, but we have a new perspective - already. This affects where we choose to live, how we conduct business and ways to market to prospects and clients. Tread these waters lightly with compassion; thoughtfulness; and empathy as part of your repertoire in doing business - no matter what that business is.

How do you do this? You stop selling your product and start selling yourself as a caring person. Instead, you share. You bring them in so they can CONNECT with you on an emotional level. You are the CEO, you are the Business Owner, you are the FACE of the company. But you, are you. INVITE them in.

People want to share with people, not products. We want the human connection which is likely to be more true after weeks of isolation. Warm, consistent, thoughtful, original content that gets delivered to your customers thru multiple channels. Thoughtful images that don’t involve handshakes, groups of people - that’s not what people want to see right now. Be sensitive.

When they see you on Social Media, they see the same thing from you in an email, card or postcard. Whether it’s a LIVE meeting online, video, in-person or thru chat, the messaging has the same tone, language and call-to-action. I used to say, back when I had my Gallery, “I’m not selling you, I’m just telling you.” Now I would say, “I’m sharing, because I’m caring.”

So, during this crisis, take stock of who you are, what you are doing and where you want to go because you won’t be just picking up where you left off. The FEELING will be different and you want to respect that.

Your homework is this:

Google yourself – who are you and how do you look online? When is the last time you reached out to your client list in a heartfelt and meaningful way? How do you want them to FEEL when they hear from you? (hint: you want them to LIKE hearing from you) How can you change from automated, sterile outreach that has no connection to who you really are? Business is about relationships and the human-to-human connection that you build with your clients over time. How you engage with your clients while this is happening and once it’s over is what will set you apart from everyone else and therein lies your true success.

“This is a time of great opportunity. Use it. Don’t waste it.” – Eckhart Tolle

Talk to me.

Virtual XOXO, Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee

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