'A time for introspection - How to navigate through this event'.

byPeter Bray

“Every adversity carries with it a seed of an equal or greater benefit.” - Napoleon Hill

“We wish you good health and safety in this changing time.”

We are in a new time of crisis for the country, the world, but I see it as an opportunity to slow the eff down and take stock of what’s important, what matters and what doesn’t. I would say this is true for both my personal as well as professional life. While I personally am ALWAYS doing self-growth work with books, videos, podcasts and whatever other medium I can get my hands on, I also move this growth over to work and how I approach business.

Things are a little bonkers right now - some people are outright panicking and hoarding - kinda selfish - but an illumination into their character. If we run out of TP because we didn’t hoard it? Well, I grew up with cloth diapers. ‘Nuff said.

Just because everything is upside down right now doesn’t mean you, as in YOU, need to fail. There are plenty of people and businesses that weathered the Great Recession by being creative, moving forward and thinking outside the box in order to succeed. They filled in the gaps for the people that were paralyzed or didn’t understand a survival or growth mentality.

There are three types of people when crisis happens: the Paralyzed, the Followers and the Leaders.

The Paralyzed:Hides under a rock, freaks out, is paralyzed and does nothing - failure is sure to come.

The Follower: Not really sure what to do but just does the daily grind to make it thru, waits to hear what to do next, isn’t sure how to handle this. Hoards TP and won’t share. Comes out the other end barely making it thru suffering along the way.

The Leader: Is proactive and re-evaluates their lives taking stock of what works and what doesn’t. Shows empathy and compassion for others. Looks inward for weaknesses and uses this time to start learning and growing. Success is yours.

I personally believe that if you hunker down and use this time to invest in yourself and your business, you will come out a winner on the other side. A new Client of ours, who has been in business for over 30 years, told me that “you advertise in both the good times and the bad times.”

He also said, rule #1, “don’t wait until you have no business to try to get business.”

So what do you do? You lay the foundation NOW while people aren’t looking. It’s a new conversation. It’s a new frontier. Is your celebrity-obsession really going to help your business? No.

What you can do to re-strategize your business:

Create a new conversation with your Clients of compassion, empathy, appreciativeness, gratefulness and thanks. What can you GIVE them? Whether it’s a free 15 minute consultation, money off or a chance to win something - what can you GIVE them?

Scrub up your Social Presence. EVERYONE is working at home right now - or if they are still working, they are likely GOING home after work. With that being said, these prospects and Clients of yours are ONLINE. They are seeing you whether you know it or not.

Think about ways to make people feel GOOD about you when they think of you. This starts by sharing valuable information, and “touching” them (not physically, remember the 6’ rule!) thru different channels so they see you, hear you, like you, but not in an annoying way.

We will all get thru this. We will come out different on the other side. We always do. But look at it as a chance for rebirth and growth. Make lemons out of lemonade. Whatever life throws your way, move and grow with it. That’s why we’re here.

For a FREE 15 minute consultation on what you can do to grow and change your business so you enjoy success, email me at info @ kardzee.com.

See how I did that?! :) Now stay safe and healthy and most importantly, move forward.

Regards Peter Bray CMO

Virtual XOXO, Keverne Denahan, CEO, KardZee

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