'Client retention is a massive problem now'.

byKeverne Denahan

"If you don’t have a Coffee Shop, how do you inspire retention?"

“There is a difference between customers and clients and how you retain them both”

The biggest hurdle for any company is Client Retention. The biggest hurdle for anyone in Sales is also Client Retention. The internet has created this BEAST where not only are we all working 10x more than we used to (as I write this on a Saturday night), but also because now our Clients are doing the same thing - they are constantly online looking for a better deal, a better company.

So the one thing you have, that the other company doesn’t have, is YOU. You have built this relationship. Now it’s your job to maintain it.

It’s not just the medium, it’s the message. What compels people to read, look, share what you send? Well, I mean, we know. But do you?

You NEED to keep that relationship that you built with your Clients. Businesses are doing all sorts of things that don’t work - email blasts, cheap direct mail, incessant social media (if they’re smart enough to even know to do it) but none of it is related, compelling or personal.

What I have found, again and again and again is that people creep the web, social media sites and more. They KNOW what your company is doing, what you are doing - they just don’t comment, like or share. And you don’t know who they know, who they talk to and what they need now do you?

People nowadays are obsessed, I mean OBSESSED by constantly going online looking for a better deal, a better company to do business with. There isn’t much loyalty when there is no relationship.

SO what do you or your company do? If you ONLY do emails, you need to do more. Yes, emails are important but what’s more effective is when you up your game, change it up. Using different channels to get thru to your EXISTING Clients with different messages and personalized branding that all related is how you get them to engage and respond which in turn builds loyalty and trust.

Likely, your business isn’t a coffee shop that has a rewards card for 1 free coffee after you buy 10. We talk about relationship marketing and how important it is, for EVERY business, pretty much INCESSANTLY.

The only way to get thru these days is OMNI-CHANNEL, PERSONALIZED, RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. Truth.

You have built this relationship. Now it’s your job to maintain it.

What do YOU do to create Client Retention?

Reach out to me - here for you. - Keverne & Team KardZee

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