'IT’S FREE! Why Aren’t You Using It?!'

byKeverne Denahan

IT’S FREE! Why Aren’t You Using It?!

“To have your profile up for the world to see is FREE”

So KardZee is heavily involved in Personalized Marketing for Real Estate Agents as you may have been able to tell from our posts. Every day before I speak to a Prospect, I do a shallow dive into their online presence. I like to know who I am talking to right?

When I Google you, I expect to see your Social Media channels come up along with the usual. But what is incredibly fascinating to me is how may Agents don’t think that a good, well-rounded profile is important on a business platform such as this one. I get that you don’t want to post here on LI, it’s another channel, what value do you get etc etc. I disagree with this because we have gotten Clients, but it’s another thing to keep up with so I get it.

But here’s the rub. LinkedIn, and all of the other Social Media Channels out there are FREE. To have your profile up for the world to see is FREE. LinkedIn is the ONLY business platform of its kind so right here, right now, this is where EVERYONE goes. If you don’t think they look, you’re wrong.

Personally, the first thing I do with anyone I am about to do business with is to check them out on LinkedIn. Who are you? What experience do you have? What’s your skill set? What are your interests? How did you get HERE in your career? What have you done? Why this, why now? Who knows you? WHO ARE YOU??

If you don’t care enough to share any of that, then you are not that detail-oriented and that’s a red flag to me. If you don’t care about how you look on LinkedIn, then why would I trust you? I mean, right?

In almost any industry, there a zillion people to choose from now that have the world wide web. It’s a web, right? And out of those zillion, there are a whole bunch that have a great profile for the business relationship that I am seeking. I am going to go with THAT person because it shows me they understand the power of the internet, it shows me they are “with it”, it shows me they understand details. It’s very rare, very rare indeed, that you have zero competitors or are so busy, that you can be smug. Your business can ALWAYS be better, no matter who you are and what you do.

So why aren’t you doing these channels when they are FREE?! Why aren’t you taking advantage of this? How do you think this doesn’t help you? How can you turn your nose at FREE internet exposure? How???

Have no idea what you are doing or where to start? I am here for you, that’s why our company exists.

Keverne Denahan, KardZee Founder

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