Dealer Campaigns.

Our client facing Multichannel retention & referral campaigns work at less than half of industry cost of industry sale ratios.

'On average, our solutions provide +37% more sales at a 3X lower cost of acquisition . . . . Genius'

Our campaigns will drive repeat and referral sales at half normal acquisition costs. We get your clients using their leverage to share socially with their friends using word of Mouth. It works.

We don't expect to drive all your marketing traffic, just SOME of it - your existing client retention across portfolios. While you continue to drive traffic by inbound marketing we will work with your existing database across your Dealership segments AND create more sales for less than half of your normal acquisition costs.

A Competitive Cost Analysis

KardZee Auto Client Retention and Referral Campaigns -v- Online social push Advertising

Industry Average

The advertising cost per car sold in 2019 has remained largely unchanged: $762 per new luxury vehicle sold and $628 per mass-market vehicle . . .


KardZee Multichannel

Based on 10,000 client outreach across Dealer portfolios over 12 months. With average 2.1% purchase uptake = 210 sales or 17+ per month. Multichannel Campaigns with CTA for Social sharing.

Av. <$166 per car sold

mass-market vehicles


Digital Competitor

Based on Facebook/Instagram opt-in push advertising with text follow-up to prospects. Normal expectations shows 300 inbound contacts per month leading to 30 Dealership meetings and 9 sales.

$Av. 468 per car sold

mass-market vehicles

How we manage your 'CHANGE' Campaign

[ if you have never engaged clients before you must do it now or lose them ]

Free Onboarding

Make a further saving on top of the 20% off Campaign prices with FREE Onboarding - usually $250.

Campaign Creation

We look at you, your brand and focus and create specific online and in-house sales campaigns to leverage your clients and their SOI.

Content Development

We create the Campaign - Card - Email - Social Post and identify the audience for across channel outreach.

And we can get Co-Op reimbursement where available. Learn more here

Dealership Dashboard

[ no training required - just a quick glance at Campaign and result dashboard ]

All our Campaigns have a 'quick view' dealership dashboard. No learning or training needed as it displays Campaign outcomes and stages.

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