Auto Dealers

Auto Dealers can send clients and prospects warm handwritten cards to engage and nurture. Everyone likes to be appreciated. A motor vehicle purchase is a big spend so it's nice to receive a Thank-You. We have automated programs to save you time and money.

Referral Marketing that works

When Dealers reach out to existing clients with tangible engagement campaigns referrals and sales happen.
We save you time with low cost high return campaigns designed to strengthen your relationships.

Send Purchase Thank-You Cards

Clients love to be appreciated. Send a card with a warm handwritten message and attach a small gift like a $25 Gift Card. Engaging and nurturing clients goes a long way to getting referrals and follow up sales.

Offer Test Drives with a Cash Back on referral and Purchase

Promote referrals by offering cashbacks and benefits for referrals. Using tangible cards gets better results than emails or other digital contacts.