More than 200 Agents and Businesses have already signed up for our Holiday 3-Touch Outreach this month

They all want to stand out to their clients these Holidays and stay in front of mind to drive more referrals and repeat buyers in 2021. Join them NOW before availability runs out . . .

By now you have probably heard how we can help you generate more referral revenue and repeat business by keeping your database engaged for you. If you want more predictable and consistent revenue from passive income in 2021, then this 3-Touch Holiday outreach is for you . . .

Your database is your most valuable asset and due to COVID it is more important than ever before to stay in touch. But most Agents say they do not have enough time or budget or interest to do it. Others, say that they don't know where to start or how to do it. Now, you don't have to worry because we do it all for you. But, you need to act NOW.

We went from one client to over 2,000 in 3 years by staying in touch with our SOI and our growing database. We kept our contacts up-to-date and used the right CTA to get them to refer us. It worked because they did. Now we have done it for hundreds of Agents and Businesses and now we can do it for you.

You need to enrol now before it fills up - See WHY Below.

So, what are the Benefits? - Why do others do it and why you should . . .

It's cost effective. 3-Touches for about the cost of a single card.

Staying in front of mind means you are remembered and that means more referrals.

Everything is done and managed for you.

Your Database is engaged.

It keeps warm leads and prospects warm

You don't need staff

What you get in this 3-Touch Holiday Campaign

Hi-Quality real interactive Card printed and posted for you

#130Lb Premium Silk Card Stock + Domestic Postage and quality clear ECO Envelope

Your branding, photo and logo

A handwritten personalized message

Add a video message or Gift Card to the Card

Each client chosen also gets a Digital copy of the card emailed to them the following week

We Create Social a Post about the card across your social networks

We do everything for you

Your Warm Audience list is identified

"No one does what we do by sending a Tangible - Digital and Social Interactive outreach, but it is a limited offer and availability will end soon AND sign-up by midnight Nov 26 and get an ADDED Bonus Email Campaign."

Keverne Denahan, KardZee CEO