Wedding Cards

Special occasions need personalized cards and media that captures the moment and sends a warm message of thanks.

Imagine sending a personalized postcard of your honeymoon, wherever you are - but all you did was open the KardZee App to do it. It’s your photo, in your handwriting, and you did it all from the beach on your mobile device that we print and mail for you. What if your Wedding Thank You Notes had embedded videos and wedding album images? With a KardZee, you can add a video to your Thank You Note. Remember that video of everyone doing the Conga Line? Or that “First Dance” moment you want everyone to remember?

Sure you can send an email or text with the same thing, but digital white noise gets lost in the shuffle. No one cares anymore because everyone is doing it. A real, tangible card makes the memory long-lasting and more special.

Honeymoon postcards with videos and your photos share real experiences. Wedding Thank You Notes and Cards with embedded videos and image albums. It’s the mobile, modern version of your handwritten card.

Embed videos into Wedding KardZees

Embed your professionally produced wedding video or your own amateur video that you produced right on to your KardZee. They can all be uploaded to our Video portal and downloaded from our Text platform link provided on the card. Does it get any easier?

Create warm messages in your own handwriting

Like every other KardZee you can create, using your own handwriting on a card creates warmth and makes the card more special for the recipient. Just set up your font on the KardZee App on your mobile. Our App learns and stores your handwriting on your phone as your font. Next time you login you can talk-to-text your KardZee and your card message is converted into your handwriting. WOW.

Honeymoon Cards

Honeymoons are usually about experiences. And your friends and family want to see! Remember that snorkeling video you made and a sea turtle swam by? The KardZee App is THE platform to use when you want to create and send real, personal, postcards to friends and family. Let everyone feel like they were on the trip with you by adding videos (no extra charge) and image albums, all easily downloaded from the postcard with our Texting feature.

Send a postcard experience to friends and family.

With KardZee postcards, it’s now the experience that you lived, SHARED, on a real, tangible postcard. Remember, you don’t have to do all the legwork of mailing, we do it. It’s from your phone, but your Mom gets to hang it on her ‘fridge.

Become a Honeymoon postcard Sponsor.

If you are in the wedding business you can be a Postcard Sponsor and have your branding, offers, discounts and promotions embedded into Honeymoon Postcards.