Every day millions of digital communications create a sea of white noise. When it's important show them they matter. Send a KardZee postcard and make it real for your recipient.

Make it real

Going somewhere awesome? Make the experience real for your friends and family with a KardZee postcard. We print and mail them for you and starting at just $2.99 including domestic postage, they are great sentiments.

Use your own images and selfies

Wherever you are just take a photo and upload it to your postcard. It is as simple as that. Postcards are a great way to share your experiences with friends and family. They are more personal and meaningful than social messages.

We have design templates to make your postcard stand out

KardZee has design templates to make your postcard stand out from just a plain white background. Templates include Travel - Vintage - Traditional and sponsored cards.

KardZee Galleries

KardZee has stock image galleries that you can choose from. These include vintage travel and location images as well as artist images where we have copyright use.