Let’s talk about Postcards. You can use your own photos from your phone, our vintage travel images and if you’re a business, you might want to check out our Sponsored Postcards.

Postcards are the classic 4”x6” and are only $2.99 including domestic postage. We think most of you are going to want to use your own photos when you travel. I always thought, like, why would I want these people that I don’t even know in my postcard? Plus, you can create them while you are sitting in the airport (hours of boredom), or on a train - wherever you have Wi-FI. Then we print and mail them for you hassle-free!

Use your own images and selfies

Wherever you are just take a photo and upload it to your postcard. It is as simple as that. Postcards are a great way to share your experiences with friends and family. They are more personal and meaningful than social messages.

We have design templates to make your postcard stand out

KardZee has design templates to make your postcard stand out from just a plain white background. Templates include Travel - Vintage - Traditional and sponsored cards.

KardZee Galleries

KardZee has stock image galleries that you can choose from. These include vintage travel and location images as well as artist images where we have copyright use.