Travel Postcards

KardZee uses the leveraged relationship between clients and their family, friends and colleagues so they can send personalized, but branded, travel postcrads of their vacation.

Sponsored, personalized, leveraged and direct

We work with high profile travel organizations in cruise, hotel, arilines and destination providers, we focus on their product and brand. Clients get lower cost engagement when Corporate Sponsors help pay and Corporate Sponsors get more eyeballs on their brand. Our postcards and media contain embedded links to brochures, offers, videos, discounts and AR to enhance the message and story and support the brand. Bespoke messages in the client's own handwriting from their smartphone make messages warm and engaging. Clients create postcards manually on KardZee iOS App from the App Store. Travel is not an automated platform.

Use your own images and selfies for personal cards

Wherever you are just take a photo and upload it to your postcard. It is as simple as that. Postcards are a great way to share your experiences with friends and family. They are more personal and meaningful than social messages.

We have design templates to make your postcards stand out

KardZee has design templates to make your postcard stand out from just a plain white background. Templates include Travel - Vintage - Traditional and sponsored cards.

KardZee Handwriting

We capture your handwriting from your smartphone so you can write warm and fun messages on your cards.