Rewards, Incentives & Loyalty

Use KardZee for real printed and posted Rewards and Incentives for employees and clients.

KardZee has great Rewards partners in place with Carlton Group Limited (P2M) who are the world's leading Rewards Platform. While we are focused on providing great service and products we can still help SME and Enterprise businesses with their rewards programs. Getting real tangible cards and media increases the perceived worth and value of the gift. Digital rewards are great but real gifts, gift certificates and personal messages better.

Real tangible cards and gifts printed onto your KardZees

Rewards and Incentives mean a lot to the recipient - or they should. Sending e-cards and digital messages are okay but a reward is special and they should be made special with real tnagible KaredZees..

Create warm messages in the sender's own handwriting

KardZee provides a warm and engaging platform for corporations to foster good relationships with employees and clients. KardZee's tangible cards and real handwriting increases pervceived value and worth and makes the reward special.