Re-start client retention and referral sales with compelling Campaigns that nurture AND engage your Clients thru personalized multichannel - multitouch marketing.

Our Tangible, Digital and Social engagement with a response driving Call-to-Action will engage your Clients to share with their friends and SOI. Fully automated and we create, design, print and punlish then manage for you.

Our Team of Creatives have decades of experience in retail. We know how important it is to take care of the Clients that you already have and get referrals for new Clients. It’s thru simple repeat business and referrals that you will SURVIVE and GROW your business both online and offline. If you do nothing, you will fail. Our CEO, Keverne Denahan, owned and operated a Gallery for 17 years, weathered three Recessions including The Great Recession simply by using these tactics. "When your Clients feel involved, appreciated and thanked for their business, they WILL be loyal to you but you have to nurture them to get that." Combined with all of this for REAL SUCCESS is a strong Social Media presence.

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Top Reasons to use KardZee for your Retail clients.

First, we are unique. We re-engage existing clients for repeat business and referral sales. It can cost more than 6X finding new clients than keeping existing ones, but you have to do both. We let you concentrate on doing business while we engage. We save you hundreds of hours on client mengagement plus we use the right tools to get them to refer.

2. It's fully automated and we do the work for you. Here are four more:

2. Of busines can come from just 20% of clients
3. Of clients will refer to peers when asked
4. Share positive experiences
5. ROI on Campaign costs

Multichannel and Multitouch client outreach is the new Retail revenue driver.

Real interactive tangible cards supported by digital email clones with social site anchoring to tell your story.

Multichannel and Multitouch outreach means more than just marketing or engaging thru different devices. It is about using every channel available on multiple occasionsto get your message across to your clients. They hear you, see you, remember you and refer you. And we do it all for you! No one else does it like KardZee.

We create and design interactive campaigns that drives retention and referral revenue with real printed and posted luxury cards. We create and send clone emails of the tengible campaign. Then we match the campaign style with social uploads that have a share CTA. Your SOI creates a viral flow to your campaigns. Just 250 clients can lead to more than 62,000 eyeballs from client SOI. Talk to us NOW for a free Consultation then a discounted solution.