Time Saving Engagement

How we save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Most Realtors have no real idea just how much time they spend or should be spending on engaging and nurturing their existing client base. We know if you can engage properly and your clients remember you warmly - you will make sales from repeat and referral business. This is how you become your client's 'Realtor for Life'.

Our strategic campaigns will save you:
Up to 500 hours in time which is $19,000 in money
and help you make up to 5 more sales each year!

Imagine you have 100 existing clients that you need to reach out to and engage

An average client base of 100 existing clients can take hundreds of hours of your prescious time and then if you do it ineffectively it fails. We help you get it right. Gary Keller (Keller Wiliams) worked out a few years ago that Realtors needed to reach out and 'touch' clients around 33 times a year. That meant they needed to keep in touch with Cards, gifts, emails, phone calls, text messages and personal catch-ups. He believed then and still does that frequent contact is vital. That's a real investment but it works. He did not mention Social outreach then (as there was none at that time) but we have included it now as it is very relevant and appropriate.

But lets see what that sort of engagement can lead to. And we will tell you how we help:

100 clients x 33 touches per year each

3,300 touches a year at just ten minutes each = 33,000 minutes

That's 550 hours yearly or 13.5 weeks of your prescious time

That's around 27% of each day looking back to your old clients

Let's just say your time is worth a modest $35 an hour

You have spent more than $19,000 of valuable time PLUS the cost of the engagement i.e. cards and gifts.

If you sell 20 homes a year - that's about a house every two and a half weeks. We can liberate more than 13 weeks of your work time to capture new leads and you can be available to grow your business. In time saving you can make around 5 more sales each year!