Realty Closing Gifts

Sending a Closing or Success gift to your sellers and buyers creates a warm bond and nurtures your relationship with your clients by thanking them for giving you their business.

With our patent-pending technology, we print the Gift Cards and Gift Images right on the Thank You card. With KardZee we will send your client a real Gift and a Thank You card from you, or we can also include a Gift Card or Digital Gift image on the card so your closing gift can be given and delivered later.

Gift Cards as a Gift

Sometimes you may want to let your client choose the gift that they want or need. It's simple just tap on the Gift Card you want and it is printed onto your Thank You card. You can choose any price range from $25 to $2,000.

Real Gifts

KardZee has a curated range of Gifts that you can send your client. You can select from a small range of quality gifts. We have just 5 gift categories with 3 price tiers in each to keep it simple. Prices range from $100 to $2,000. If you send a Gift you pay now. If you send a Gift Voucher for the Gift you pay when it is activated.