Interested in Expired Listings?
You should be because we do it for you!

Expired Listings are critical to healthy Real Estate success . . .
(IMNAN 2019).

We help you turn Expired Listings into YOUR listings.

40% of ALL listings expire. Most expired listing prospects do not want you calling them or door knocking at first and there are now constraints now for email and texting from telecommunications providers. In the past converting Expired Listings took time, effort and money. We change that with the best Expired Listing product ever. We have a different and winning approach to converting Expired Listings. Check this out below:

Top Reasons to use KardZee for your Expired Listing Campaigns

First, We are unique - no other outreach is like KardZee. We save you time and money and do the grunt work to identify engagement and uptake.

2. We are the lowest success cost to ratio of any Expired listing program.

Here are four more:

3. Of all Listings Expire
4. Closest competitor capture rate
5. KardZee conversion rate
6. ROI across campaigns
7.Value for Money
8. Secure zips

We do it differently - You Stand Out - You are seen and Heard

Our Campaigns combine Tangible and Digital contact that stand out from all other Agent pushes. We create send and monitor campaigns. We create a story and a presence (personal brand) for you that gets you to the Seller. It works.

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Bill Tierney

Realtor - Gibson Sotheby's International Realty

"KardZee offers a personal touch and unbelievable individualized customer service with a must-use product. Personalization, creativity and customization combine to make a unique way to engage your client base without being spammy or canned. Like the old cereal ad once said, 'Try it, you'll like it.' I highly recommend Keverne and KardZee.