Real Estate pricing packages include single user and multi-user packages.

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Real Estate Tools

KardZee provides tangible marketing tools to help Agents #SellMoreHouses. We know you have a lot of windshield time so we created an App that lets you engage with prospects, retain clients and increase referrals all by creating unique materials from your mobile.

KardZee offers a range of solutions for Agents, Brokers and service providers to the Real Estate Industry. Send simple prospecting postcards to Buyers and Vendors with marketing media that promotes engagement. Embedded data, Agent info, logos and branding can all be added to any KardZee. Utilize our texting platform and video features to stand out and make things even easier for yourself and your clients. With KardZee, you can either create a single card from your mobile or several hundred using our Web Server.

KardZee has strategic campaigns in place to help you engage with clients and prospects and make you stand out from the pack. Step-by-step programs with reminders to send and engage, or just utilize our ‘Set & Forget’ model. Enter in the data, we do the rest. Simple but effective programs to keep clients and gain referrals. You look like a rock star. Ask us how here

Engagement & Success Marketing

Success and Closure marketing

Sending success and or closure cards to clients and prospects will help Agents deepen relationships and keep clients engaged. We have strategic marketing programs and reminders to keep in touch and manage your client relationships. With more than 34% of all sales coming from referral and leveraged relationships, fostering engagement with clients is vital. With technology bringing more and more real estate processes to the internet, it's important to expand your personal communications with your existing clients and prospects. It's fine to bump it up a notch and think outside the box. KardZee is here to help.

Send Closure and Success Gifts and Gift cards with the tap of your finger

Nothing says “thank you” better than a real Thank You card. Closing a sale and securing a listing is a great time to show your appreciation to your clients. Add Gift Cards to your KardZee Thank You Note with the just tap of your finger. We print them directly on the card and your client simply uploads it to their mobile wallet via our texting platform. All you need is their mobile phone number. Choose from retail or KardZee Partner Gift Cards. KardZee brings digital cards to life with our Patented Technology (and it’s eco too).

Send Postcards, Notes and Greeting Cards with your own Real Handwriting with your branding and images.

Our technology allows you not only to create your own handwriting font on your mobile, but our App learns and stores your handwriting so it’s saved on your phone. You can also choose from our existing stock fonts if you don’t want to use your own handwriting. Nothing is more personal than a handwritten card and our print processes create a “real handwriting” appearance. KardZee saves you time, is easy, and convenient. With a busy lifestyle, that’s important..

Easily create customized Cards and Postcards for properties

With KardZee, you have the ability to create and send one card, or many, anywhere and anytime. Creating Property Cards with our templates is simple and cost-effective. You can embed videos, brochures, special offers and more for your prospects or clients with or without password protection. They can then download everything to their mobile devices.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload a Property Video.

Upload and embed your property videos, brochures and your own corporate branding. Cards containing data links and videos increase user engagement many times over. Whether it’s a professional video or one you shot on your iPhone, videos increase engagement and attention which leads to retention. Videos can be added easily to any KardZee and it’s all included in your card price. Imagine sending a video within minutes of creating it, but on a real card. Now THAT’S engagement AND service. Recipients send a message to our Texting Platform to watch and download the video.

Create and Send Corporate Greeting Cards

However you choose to engage with clients and prospects we have a card for you. Create your and send you own corporate Greeting and Holiday cards or choose from Corporate favorites in KardZee Galleries. Either way, send a message of fun and friendship to celebrate the season or occasion.

Notes & Marketing Media

For small or large mailings, Contact Notes are effective and low cost

KardZee Contact Notes are double-sided, single, large size (5 x 7) notes that are a lower cost direct mail solution and can include individual names, addresses and salutations using our technology. This not only fosters engagement, but also keeps you in touch with many clients and prospects. You can add logos, branding and specific property information.

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