Personal Handwriting Font

We capture your real handwriting from our consumer App. The KartdZee App learns and stores your handwriting so you can use it as your font every time you log in. Download the App in iTunes or contact us below to find out more.

Add a Gift or Gift Card

Using Gift and Gift Card codes from partner vendors, we turn them into real gifts that we print directly onto your KardZee. These are redeemable via our Text Platform. Download the consumer App in iTunes and start sending personal cards.

Client Social Upload

We send every recipient an e-copy of the real card you sent and ask them to upload it to their own social walls. Most do and that spreads your message thru their circle of influence. Expand your outreach with our social campaigns.

Personal Consumer App - B2C

Send real Greeting Cards and Postcards from our Smartphone App anywhere and anytime. We print and post for you globally. We all have life-connecting moments and obligations and KardZee is the perfect tool to send a card or several.

Automated 6 Touch for B2B

We offer omnichannel B2B outreach with 6 Automated Touch-points involving tangible, digital and social outreach from as little as $5 per client per campaign. Every outreach is tailored to you and your brand. Whether it's a short launch campaign or a year long nurturing program, we can personalize it to meet your needs. See why 6 Touch works.

Delayed Payment E-Gift - B2B

This is our only digital lead generation product and allows B2B to prospect leads with a Gift Card reward for appropriate response. It is a high volume e-lead prospecting tool. Contact us to find out more below.

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