KardZee Press

KardZee the next Big Thing?

"KardZee aims to be the go-to place for people to fulfill their important life-connecting obligations. When people feel they need to do something special (i.e. “bump it up a notch”), they send a KardZee. This could be for a birthday, a thank you, a sympathy, new baby – whatever the occasion. Not a text or an email, but a real card in your handwriting."

Solutions for Auto Industry

KardZee, a mobile media platform that provides tangible and digital outreach solutions, announced today a new suite of offerings designed specifically for the Automotive Industry. With this expansion into the Auto Industry, KardZee brings Dealerships an improved way to engage and nurture their existing clients across each Dealership portfolio in Sales, Referrals, Service and Leasing.

Inman Connect 2017 from Start Up Alley

"This is a product I can see every single Agent in the country using." (Drew Myers Geek Estate)

Fledgling start-up gets SuperBowl break

"Super Bowl contest runners-up included San Francisco-based KardZee, which lets users creates personalized greeting cards on a mobile device."

San Francisco Business Times.

"Everything is cyclical" said Keverne Denahan, founder and CEO of that newly released Card App, KardZee. "We've gotten so far away from the physical warmth of cards and seeing your loved one's handwriting on paper with all this technology. People miss it. They miss that feeling."

San Francisco Chronicle.

"We're a group of fun, creative card-lovers with experience in art, engineering, fashion, marketing, start-ups, photography, advertising and greeting cards. We love coming up with new ideas, and are motivated by our passion for people, old-fashioned values and great service." Hear us scream our battle cry: "Git'er done!"

Charles Whittingham joins KardZee.

"Charles has joined KardZee, a San Francisco-based startup, as a Co-Founder and VP of Strategy & Planning. KardZee enables users to create and send real, handwritten cards through the company’s mobile platform."