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Greeting Cards for all occasions.

Greeting Cards for our life-connecting moments

We all have important life-connecting moments, occasions and obligations when we need to send a real, physical card. A card that conveys our feelings of warmth, that we care, that we remember. Celebrations, congratulations, sympathy, thank you….these events define who we are and our relationships, but they easily get lost in the sea of digital white noise when they are not real cards. Who remembers a message on social media, a text, or even an email? Face it, we all want easy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can still be thoughtful and do things that make your life simpler. That’s where KardZee comes in. KardZee greeting cards are full of warmth and love but they are easy to create and we do all the mailing. Where digital meets tangible.

Create your OWN Handwriting Font!

The KardZee App learns and stores your handwriting on your phone. What?! No writers cramp! No re-inventing the wheel each time! Just “Setup Your Font” in our App and you are good to go. The next time you log in to create a KardZee, you can talk-to-text your message. Still getting that warmth, with less hassle.

Make the inside of your card unique with wallpapers and gifts

When you are creating your cards you can add wallpaper designs and colors to bring them to life and create your own style of card. In this example the image of the sponsor is placed underneath the giftcard.

Use your own images or our templates

Like any good cardstore, KardZee has great card templates and images. But you can also use your own photographs and images.