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"We are in an era of personalization and Realtors need to engage their clients"


Dan Lok is one of the world's best known business coaches and mentors. He was recently named the most influential business coach on the planet. Hear what he tells Realtors about the importance of personalization, engagement and nurturing.

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Top Reasons to use KardZee for personalized client engagement

1. Our personalized outreach drives engagement and nurturing bringing back clients to a repeat buying stage and providing ongoing referrals. Clients want more personalization - we deliver it for you.

2. Our programs are automated to make everything simpler and easier. We do it for you. Here are four more:

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3. Reach & Open Rate
4. Higher then Email alone
5. Clients will refer when asked
6. ROI and more

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If you can answer 'YES' to just one of these questions, then KardZee 'NURTURE' Campaign is for you.

Have you ever missed a sale because your Client forgot your name?

Or worse, knows you and still didn't refer you?

Is time your biggest problem?

Do people not open or care what you send them?

Do you think you should have more referrals?

Do you want more repeat business?

Everyone wants your Database and your competitors are prospecting your cients right now.

To keep them you need to engage and nurture them. You have to make them feel special with quality - not quantity. Engaging is more than contacting. Nurturing means more than just marketing and personalization is more than just using a cient's name. Find out more about nurturing your SOI and client base and increase listings and referrals. If you don't nurture them, you lose them.

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