Handwritten Notes & Media

KardZee provides tangible marketing tools like “Notes” to help Business Users engage with clients and deepen relationships with warm handwritten messages. Messages that you create, in handwriting (maybe yours or the CEO’s?) that we print and mail for you.

The range of solutions that KardZee offers for businesses are about managing, retaining and deepening your relationships with clients and prospects. It’s about loyalty, retention, repeat business and referrals. “Notes” are a flat 5”x7” product that has more than 25 design templates to help make your messages stand out from your competitors. Notes can be individually addressed, have personal salutations, space for you to advertise, offer discounts and special offers. You can create single notes or hundreds - the process is the same (just the price goes down!). We print and mail for you.

KardZee has strategic campaigns to engage with clients and prospects. These are step-by-step programs with reminders to send and engage. Simple but effective programs to keep clients and deepen relationships.

Choose from 25 design Templates

Create Notes easily with our design templates to further personalize and make your Notes unique. Upload your logo or brand for even more marketing.

Create warm messages in your own handwriting

The KardZee mobile app learns and stores your real handwriting on your mobile device. Now you have your own font and every time you send a KardZee greeting card, postcard or note, you can use your own font if you want to. You can even talk-to-text your messages and it prints out in your handwriting for an even easier experience. Now you have added value and warmth to your client and prospect cards. Don’t like your own handwriting? That’s OK, we have 25 handwriting styles JIC! (just in case)

Media marketing messages

With Notes, you can personalize it with your handwritten note on one side, and a marketing message on the other. Think about offers and discounts, an Open House, a video link….it’s your creativity that is the limit. We just want your message to stand out from the pack and KardZee is here to help you do that.

Personal Notes and Invitations

sometimes we just want to send a real handwritten Note. With KardZee you can upload your own name or personal details to a Note.