Clients and employees want personalized engagement

For years, most loyalty and reward companies relied on the efficiency of digital outreach to congratulate, applaud, support and thank. But times have changed. The billions of images and messages that overcrowd the digital space on a daily basis mean that we need to make important communications more special. KardZee capitalizes on the return to tangible outreach. We provide real cards and media that include embedded data points for gift cards and gifts and more.

Loyalty Programs

First, We are unique. We provide high quality tangible outreach to congratulate and show appreciation. People respond and share. They feel satisfied that you have taken that extra step in your relationship with them. We provide fully automated platforms or you can create your own using our API integrations.

2. It's fully automated and we do the work for you. Here are four more:

2. Client management - per client/year
3. Clients want more personalization
4. They will share
5. Satisfaction level over digital only

What We Do

We provide several different engagement campaigns and programs. You can engage and nurture in an ongoing year-long program with our 6 Touch points outreach. We integrate into your programs, create consistent brand and message content and back up tangible cards and media with social boost. Your clients/employee can upload their card to their social walls (with an e-card clone).

What People Say